Briggs & Stratton Generates Powerful Information Using ForeSee Results Research

Kurt Peters

ANN ARBOR, MI (September 9, 2003) Briggs & Stratton Corporation (NYSE:BGG) the world`s largest producer of air-cooled gasoline engines for outdoor power equipment, has chosen ForeSee Results to help them measure how design changes to their website affect their customers. The company has embarked on a 6 month website upgrade plan focused on providing information and resources most important to their website visitors.

“We think we know what areas of our site need improvement or enhancement,” said Deborah Spanic, Manager of Internet Development for Briggs & Stratton. “One of the reasons we decided to use ForeSee Results is because we want to find out if these are the same areas that our users think need improvement. In addition, the ability to see the user impact of these changes will help determine where to spend our redesign budget dollars.”

“Website redesigns can sometimes feel like sailing out into unknown seas without a map,” said ForeSee Results CEO and online customer satisfaction expert Larry Freed. “Our data provides real-time customer feedback to Briggs & Stratton to help them effectively navigate through the redesign process. The goal for any website change is increased customer satisfaction we are able to scientifically measure how customers are responding to each design or functionality tweak and what the impact of those changes is on overall website delight. Our research takes the guesswork out of the project and helps companies focus their resources.”

By employing a methodology used at the University of Michigan for the American Customer Satisfaction Index, ForeSee Results captures statistically reliable data that is able to predict the behaviors and satisfaction levels that will result from changes and enhancements to an e-business or informational website.

ForeSee Results’ data can also help companies find out behavioral information about their websites users by asking a series of customized questions aimed at a specific website objective. Briggs & Stratton is utilizing this research feature to investigate how a customers’ online experience impacts their offline behavior.

“We have a hunch from anecdotal feedback that our users are actually doing their comparison shopping online and then going to Home Depot or Sears with their printouts in hand to purchase,” said Spanic. “We want real data to prove or disprove these theories.”

About ForeSee Results

ForeSee Results is the market leader in online customer satisfaction management and specializes in converting satisfaction data into user-driven web development strategies. Using the methodology of the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), ForeSee Results has developed a model that scientifically quantifies the elements that drive online customer satisfaction and predicts future behaviors like likelihood to purchase, return to the site, or recommend the site to others. ForeSee Results, a privately held company co-founded by Compuware Corporation and CFI Group, is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and can also be found on the web at www.ForeSeeResults.com.

About Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton Corporation is the largest manufacturer of small, air-cooled engines for outdoor power equipment, such as lawn mowers, pressure washers and generators. An authorized service network of more than 30,000 dealers worldwide backs the engines. Briggs & Stratton engines can be found powering equipment in more than 90 countries on all seven continents. www.briggsandstratton.com.

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