Danskin, Inc. Selects Foresee Results for Online Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Kurt Peters

ANN ARBOR, MI (April 22, 2003) ForeSee Results today announced that they will be working to measure and manage online customer satisfaction for Danskin, Inc., the world`s leading manufacturer of activewear, dancewear and legwear since 1882.

Joyce Darkey, Senior Vice-President of Marketing said that Danskin chose ForeSee Results because they are able to capture actionable, statistically reliable data using the methodology behind the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). “We selected ForeSee Results because we want to understand what our customers think about our website and how their satisfaction is affecting their purchasing behaviors,” said Darkey. “ForeSee Results will use their predictive methodology to help us improve our site effectiveness and sales results by helping us understand what our customers want.”

Employing an econometric-based methodology used at the University of Michigan for the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), ForeSee Results captures statistically reliable, voice-of-customer data that is used to improve website effectiveness. The ACSI methodology relates the satisfaction components of a website experience to financially meaningful behaviors such as likelihood to return to the site, shop offline, or recommend the site to a friend. As a result, ForeSee Results can provide a practical road map for which kinds of modifications need to be made in order to positively affect customer retention and acquisition.

“There are important issues keeping online retailers up at night: profitability, website ROI, customer retention, and cross-channel optimization,” said ForeSee Results President and CEO Larry Freed, an online customer satisfaction expert. “Because we apply the ACSI methodology, we can accurately measure online shoppers’ satisfaction and obtain specific and actionable data on what improvements will impact customers’ future behaviors. E-tailers don’t have to make site enhancements and improvements by guessing based on hits and clicks. We provide online retailers with priorities that will have the greatest return on investment so they know what to do next to maximize the effectiveness of their website.”

“Danskin has always been progressive in terms of their commitment to customer satisfaction and sophisticated business practices,” added Freed. “We’re excited to be working with Danskin to ensure they get maximum value from their website and remain an industry leader in quality, design, and innovation.”

About ForeSee Results

ForeSee Results is the market leader in online customer satisfaction management and specializes in converting satisfaction data into user-driven web development strategies. Using the methodology of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) developed at the University of Michigan, ForeSee Results has developed a model that scientifically quantifies the elements that drive online customer satisfaction and predicts future behaviors like likelihood to purchase, return to the site, or recommend the site to a friend. ForeSee Results, a privately held company co-founded by Compuware Corporation and CFI Group, is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and on the web at www.foreseeresults.com.

About Danskin, Inc.

Danskin, Inc. markets and manufactures leading brands of women`s activewear and dancewear under the Danskin®, Danskin Plus®, Freestyle® and Zen Sport(tm) from Danskin® trademarks, and legwear under the Danskin®, Givenchy®, Ellen Tracy®, Evan-Picone® and Round the Clock® trademarks. Pennaco Hosiery, a division of Danskin, Inc. is a manufacturer of branded and private label hosiery sold in department and fine specialty stores. For further information, please visit www.danskin.com. For store locations, consumers may call 1 (888) DANSKIN.

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