Coremetrics and Performics Deliver a Single Interface To Measure and Grow Online Marketing Programs

Kurt Peters

Palm Springs, CA, from the eTail 2003 Conference - February 18, 2003 - CoremetricsTM, a leading web services provider of marketing analytics solutions, and Performics®, a leading performance-based online marketing services company, today announced a fully integrated measurement and optimization solution for online marketing initiatives.

"This partnership is tremendously valuable for marketers seeking to drive enhanced online business performance," said George Coll, vice president of eCommerce at CompUSA. "With Performics delivering customers to our Web site and Coremetrics measuring their value in a fully integrated fashion, I can turn my attention away from the administrative tasks associated with setup and measurement and focus instead on the key business challenge of driving high lifetime value customers to the site. This relationship displays an unprecedented commitment by Performics to generate revenue based on performance and allows CompUSA to structure customer acquisition campaigns that meet our margin requirements."

Under the terms of the agreement, Coremetrics will seamlessly track and measure Performics` affiliate, search and e-mail marketing programs through the company`s Marketing Management Center (MMC), the industry`s only independent unified measurement solution that presents analysis of all marketing campaigns in a single, sortable interface. This partnership delivers a comprehensive solution for managing online sales and ROI goals, with a powerful tool to deploy, measure and optimize all online marketing initiatives.

The technical integration between Coremetrics and Performics enables joint clients to easily measure the results of all media placements including all of Performics` performance-based marketing programs. Through this partnership, Performics` proprietary tracking technology is automatically configured to display all client media placements within the MMC interface.

Performics has a comprehensive approach to online customer acquisition, with a proven track record of accelerating online profitability for clients through highly effective affiliate, search and e-mail marketing programs, powered by ConnectCommerceSM, Performics` proprietary tracking and reporting technology. The MMC from Coremetrics provides unbiased metrics for all online advertising channels, enabling companies to adjust and renegotiate marketing expenditures and vendor deals based on real performance and actual revenue derived from each program.

"We recognize the value of having deeper insight into the customers our programs drive. This opportunity is a reflection of the merits of our proprietary technology and our commitment to continuously providing value for clients," said Chris Henger, Performics` senior vice president of sales and marketing. "By measuring Performics` programs within the Coremetrics` MMC, new opportunities to grow online sales and scale customer acquisition programs will be realized."

"This partnership further cements Coremetrics` position in the retail market as the leading strategic provider of customer-centric profile analytics," said John Squire, vice president of business development at Coremetrics. "Coremetrics is recognized for providing unbiased success metrics for online marketing activities, and this partnership will enable our joint clients to more easily measure the lifetime value of customers delivered by Performics campaigns. This relationship is important to the industry, because it enables our joint clients to drive down acquisition costs, increase profitability and improve the effectiveness of their online marketing programs."

About Coremetrics

Coremetrics is the leading web services provider of marketing analytics solutions, empowering companies to develop and act upon a comprehensive understanding of all visitor and customer interactions within their online channels. Coremetrics Marketforce is the industry`s only online marketing analytics platform that captures and stores all customer and visitor clickstream activity to build LIVE (Lifetime Individual Visitor Experience) Profiles that serve as the foundation for all successful marketing initiatives. Coremetrics Marketforce enables online marketers, IT officers, and e-commerce executives to attract and convert high value visitors, optimize shopping path design, and increase customer lifetime value. Customers include: Ann Taylor, The Columbia House Company, CompUSA, Eddie Bauer, Motorola, Nortel Networks, Victoria`s Secret, Williams-Sonoma, Inc., Wilsons Leather and Wal-Mart. Coremetrics is headquartered in Burlingame, California with research and development offices in Austin, Texas. The company is privately held with funding from Accel Partners and Highland Capital Partners. Coremetrics has strongly supported online privacy since its inception. To learn more, visit www.coremetrics.com/privacy.

About Performics®

Performics acquires customers for retailers, catalogers and other direct marketers with performance-based online marketing services. Performics provides comprehensive distribution through affiliate marketing, search marketing and e-mail marketing. The company offers retailers, catalogers and other direct marketers a distinctive mix of active account management, advanced market expertise and proprietary tracking technology. Performics develops and implements customized programs that enable clients to acquire and reacquire online customers while only paying for a predetermined sale or action. Performics` interests are squarely aligned financially and strategically with both its marketers and its distribution partners.

Performics` clients include: America Online, Blair Corp., Bose, CompUSA, Eddie Bauer, Kohl`s, Palm, PC Connection, RedEnvelope, Spiegel, Wilsons Leather and more than 180 others. For additional information, please visit www.performics.com.

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