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New Product Includes Item-Based Commissions, Hybrid Deals, Enhanced Catalog, Dynamic Ad Creation, and Consulting Services

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – Nov. 18, 2002 - Commission Junction (www.cj.com), a leader in pay-for-performance marketing, announced today at ad:tech New York the launch of CJ Vantage™, a product that offers technology and services to increase online marketers’ revenue and create profitable relationships. eBay, Expedia UK, and MSN are among the first to sign on for CJ Vantage’s many benefits, including the ability to promote more products, increase customer acquisitions and provide more incentives for marketing partners.

eBay, using CJ Vantage, leverages the service components to successfully develop its pay-for-performance marketing program and improve recruitment of new eBay users. "eBay is very pleased with the advanced functionality that Commission Junction continues to provide,” said Steve Cohen, business development manager, eBay. “Since initially partnering with Commission Junction, we have significantly broadened our pay-for-performance strategy.”

“CJ Vantage is raising the standard for how savvy marketers are advertising online, by increasing tracking and reporting sophistication and improving measurements to gauge success through pay-for-performance,” said Elizabeth Cholawsky, senior vice president, marketing and product development, Commission Junction. “Our top clients have quickly adopted CJ Vantage because they see the power it gives them to return more results for their marketing dollars and to leverage the expertise Commission Junction is offering as part of this product.”

CJ Vantage Features

CJ Vantage uses the foundation capabilities of the Commission Junction Open Marketplace, an industry-leading product introduced by Commission Junction in 2001, which gives advertisers and publishers sophisticated metrics to promote and effectively manage advertising programs. The CJ Vantage product offering complements CJ Access™, the company’s original product introduction, which delivers comprehensive technology and services in an easy-to-use package.

Multiple Programs and Hybrid Deals: CJ Vantage clients are able to create multiple advertising programs and compensate publishers differently for each desired result, such as a customer referral or a sale. They are also able to create hybrid deals that encompass cost-per-action, cost-per-thousand-impressions, and cost-per-click to fully maximize their pay-for-performance relationships.

Enhanced Product Catalog: An enhanced and robust product catalog makes it easy for advertisers to upload and manage large volumes of product links and create unique product catalogs for select publisher relationships. The functionality supports state-of-the-art data transfer and accommodates numerous predefined and custom link formats.

Commission Junction publishers can search the million plus product links available by keyword and easily download them for online placement via their Advertiser Account Manager.

Item-Based Commissions: Item-based commissions reward publishers for the specific services or items purchased as a result of their advertising, instead of offering only one commission rate for their suite of products. This feature enables advertisers to offer a number of different products in a large price range via their online advertising.

Advertisers are also able to offer performance incentives to publishers based on the number of sales or leads, the amount of sales revenue, or the amount of commissions earned for a specific action.

Connextra Partnership: CJ Vantage supports the automatic update and contextual placement of advertisements through Commission Junction’s strategic partnership with Connextra, a London-based firm specializing in innovative technology for online advertising. Connextra allows for real time content changes in online ads. Already in use by MFI, ARG-Equation and bet365, Connextra capabilities, available with CJ Vantage, cost-effectively have increased click-through ratios and conversion rates from 40 to 200 percent.

Consulting Services: CJ Vantage clients are paired with Commission Junction’s online marketing experts, and receive targeted consulting and value added services customized for their programs. Using the foundation capabilities of the Commission Junction Open Marketplace, CJ Vantage gives advertisers and publishers unique metrics providing benchmarks to promote and effectively manage their advertising programs.

Client Adoption of CJ Vantage

eBay, MSN and Expedia UK have all adopted the CJ Vantage product offering. MSN has used Commission Junction’s Open Marketplace for almost a year to advertise its Internet Access service, formerly paid publishers a flat commission per new subscriber and offered incentives based on the volume of subscribers referred. With CJ Vantage functionality, MSN is preparing to segment its publisher commissions for the different services it offers. "With CJ Vantage, we have been given more flexibility to promote our new MSN 8 offers to an extensive Internet audience,” said Dana Nyyssela, MSN business manager, Microsoft. “More and more publishers are joining our program, and with Commission Junction’s recent technology enhancements, we have the ability to scale our performance incentives and create more loyalty within our program.”

The introduction of CJ Vantage extends Commission Junction’s ability to meet the full range of demands from current and future clients. The quick adoption of the new product by major brands validates the foundation of the Open Marketplace. With this launch Commission Junction continues to expand its ability to offer state-of-the-industry comprehensive online marketing services.

About Commission Junction

Commission Junction, a leader in pay-for-performance marketing, delivers advanced solutions that facilitate strategic online relationships between advertisers and publishers, driving accountable results for each client. By publishing performance metrics on advertisers, publishers, and ads within its network and leveraging its own expertise in online marketing through service, education and promotion, Commission Junction creates an open marketplace of low risk and high reward for its clients. The company serves billions of impressions monthly, ranking it among the largest ad networks in the world. Clients include leading online marketers eBay, GSI Commerce, MSN®, and USA TODAY. Commission Junction is headquartered in Santa Barbara, Calif., with offices in San Francisco, New York and London. For additional information, visit www.cj.com or call 800/761-1072.

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