Island Data`s Insight RT Solution Helps Companies Listen to their Customers

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New Real-Time Analytics Product Converts Unstructured Customer Feedback Into Increased Sales, Customer Satisfaction and Product Quality

Carlsbad, CA – Oct. 7, 2002 – Island Data Corp. announced today the introduction of Insight RT™, which enables companies – for the first time – to capture unstructured customer feedback, perform real-time analysis and take action immediately. Insight RT captures unstructured or “verbatim” customer feedback from a variety sources including customer service and support tracking applications, e-mails, surveys and Web self-service interactions, and analyzes the content and intent of the feedback, converting it into insights that can be acted upon in real-time.

In the past, companies have been unable to capitalize on unstructured data because there was no easy way to analyze and categorize this type of information without utilizing an in-house statistician or linguistic expert. Companies today are beginning to recognize the business value of the unstructured feedback provided by their customers. Insight RT solves this specific business problem, and every marketing department can benefit from utilizing this tool.

“Enterprises are looking for a more complete picture of their customers’ immediate wants and needs, and Insight RT is all about listening to customers,” says Island Data president and CEO, Norman Williams. “Unstructured customer data is a completely untapped resource that contains a significant amount of gold because it represents the customers’ thoughts in their own words." With Insight RT, Island Data takes the capabilities one step further by not only providing companies the ability to capture the insights from customer feedback, but also the tools to take action in real-time. These valuable insights generate timely sales leads, improve marketing campaigns, reduce customer attrition and identify product and market trends.

Island Data’s pre-release trials of Insight RT include industry-leading companies such as Canon U.S.A., Inc., Forbes.com and RealNetworks Inc.

"Insight RT delivers the customer feedback you need to run your business. It allows you to pinpoint the insights taken from the data that need the most immediate attention or carry the most critical information," says Alex Veytsel, senior research associate, data knowledge and analytics, at the Aberdeen Group.

“Island Data’s solution, Insight RT, lets us listen to our customers directly instead of trying to guess what we think they mean,” says Michael Smith, chief technology officer for Forbes.com. “Insight RT instantly delivers the customer insights we need- ultimately improving customer satisfaction while decreasing the time and effort required to gather and disseminate feedback within our organization.”

At the core of Insight RT is the patent-pending and internally developed Concept Recognition™ technology used to analyze unstructured text. Insight RT can exist as a stand-alone solution or integrate easily with existing systems and databases. It can be deployed rapidly in less than two weeks, at a reasonable cost and offers a guaranteed four-month return on investment.

About Island Data

Founded in 1995, privately held Island Data Corp. is a real-time analytics software provider. Island Data’s premier product, Insight RT™, which is based on the company’s patent pending Concept Recognition™ technology, captures Web-based customer feedback and unstructured text from various sources, analyzes the content and intent of the feedback, and converts it into insights that can be acted upon in real-time. Island Data targets enterprise companies looking to increase sales, customer satisfaction and product quality through listening to their customers. Key clients include Adobe, Agilent, Canon U.S.A., Cox Communications, Forbes.com, NetGear, Proxim and RealNetworks. For more information, please visit the company’s Web site at www.islanddata.com.

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