Sales OnLine Direct Launches Advanced Checkout System for Auctions on eBay

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WORCESTER, Mass., Aug. 22 -- Sales OnLine Direct (OTC Bulletin Board: PAID), today announced the launch of its next-generation AIseller(R) Checkout system. The new Checkout system automates the entire checkout procedure to provide fast, efficient and accurate checkout for auction buyers and sellers on eBay, saving them both time and money. For added convenience, PayPal, an online payment system, has been integrated into the system. In addition, PayPal (Nasdaq: PYPL), offers AIship/Checkout as recommended third-party solution to expedite all business processes associated with the close of online auctions on eBay.

AIseller Checkout streamlines the auction checkout process to make it simple and quick for the winning bidders to pay for items they are purchasing. At the same time, it provides automated payment collection management to reduce staffing overhead. With AIseller Checkout, each order processor can manage up to 150-auction reconciliation`s per day versus the typical 25.

"From our own first-hand experience as eBay auction sellers, we were aware of the limitations of other products on the market and have designed a solution that surpasses all of them in functionality, ease of use and cost effectiveness," said Greg Rotman, Sales OnLine Direct CEO. "PayPal`s inclusion of AIship/AIseller Checkout on its web site and feedback from satisfied auction buyers serves as validation of the product`s superior features and capabilities."

"Your automated checkout and shipping calculator system is the best I have used in my bidding experience at eBay," noted Lou Bielak, an online auction buyer.

Checkout`s integration with AIship resolves the problem of auction buyers who enter an insufficient dollar amount for shipping/handling or sales tax, when they are paying for their purchases through a third party payment system. Checkout populates the screen with applicable sales tax and accurate shipping/handling charges generated by AIship to ensure the buyer pays the correct price. This feature will be a boon to sellers who frequently lose money in this area because it is too costly to pursue the buyer for the relatively low price difference.

AIseller`s Checkout module offers next-generation functionality that moves far beyond current checkout systems available. Product highlights include:

-- Compatible with any listing service - Accepts auction listings generated by any listing service. Unlike competitors` products, AISeller Checkout is compatible with listings generated directly from eBay`s Web page, which is used for 60-80% of eBay auction listings, and from eBay`s soon-to-be-launched TurboLister.

-- Consolidates winning bid notifications - Combines winning bid notifications for multiple auctions closing during a specified time period and sends as a single notice to avoid irritating buyers with multiple email notifications.

-- Eliminates re-keying - Automatically stores all buyer contact and payment information and intelligently populates documents with appropriate payment and contact information for all back office functions such as shipping labels, invoices, receipts third party payment systems, etc. This automation significantly reduces seller time spent on each listing, allowing the seller to manage more auction listings with fewer staffing resources. In addition, it expedites the checkout process for the buyer, requiring as few as 10 keystrokes for return customers to check out.

-- Ensures correct shipping and sales tax payments - Calculates and inserts accurate charges for shipping and sales tax to eliminate potential entry errors by buyers.

-- Accommodates phone and mail payments - Allows seller to complete the checkout and generate invoices and/or receipts for buyers who arrange payment by phone or mail rather than going through the online checkout procedure.

-- Auction Consolidation - Allows buyers and sellers to consolidate auctions into one transaction to save buyers shipping costs and minimize transaction costs and paperwork for sellers.

-- Collection Management - Tracks payments from buyers to initiate shipment after payment is received and automatically sends out additional notices to winners who haven`t checked out within a specified time period.

-- Configurable - Allows the seller to track numerous user-defined criteria, such as sales representatives, product location, internal product numbers etc. so seller can track sell-through rates and multiple variables impacting those rates.

-- Accommodates most popular forms of payment - Offers ability to accept checks, money orders, credit cards, and all online payment systems,p>

"We`ve created a system with an XML open architecture to make it compatible with all other vendors providing services for online auctions, such as listing services and payment systems," said John Martin, Sales OnLine Direct chief technology officer. "Our Checkout system`s unique auction consolidation feature helps reduce shipping costs and transaction fees paid to those auction services vendors. Our beta customers have been thrilled to discover that AIseller Checkout interfaces seamlessly with all their existing vendors` systems and automates the information flowing to and from them, saving a tremendous amount of time."

AIseller Checkout is ideal for auction sellers listing 25 or more auctions per month. The 2.5 percent transaction fee is recouped several times over through cash flow, the sellers time saved, improved customer service and satisfaction, and reduced payment cycle.

Auction seller`s can obtain AIseller`s Checkout module combined with the AIship shipping calculator by filling out the forms online at http://www.auctioninc.com or by calling, John Martin at 508-791-6710.

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