GERS Retail Systems Unveils Customer1 For Multi-Channel Retailing During Retail Systems 2002

Kurt Peters

New real-time, "point of service" solution connects and optimizes the entire retail enterprise

CHICAGO, June 25, 2002 - CHICAGO, June 25, 2002 - GERS Retail Systems, a leading provider of software solutions for the retail industry, today unveiled Customer1, its new "Point-of-Service" solution, during Retail Systems 2002. Built on next-generation technology with real-time integration, Customer1 gives retailers the ability to capture sales and customer data once, from any store, channel, or device, and instantly share that information throughout the enterprise. GERS (booth #1416) will demonstrate the features of Customer1 on various devices and platforms, such as a website, kiosk, POS devices, cellular phone, and wireless personal data assistants (PDAs).

"Recent advances in technology have opened countless new channels by which retail organizations can reach, communicate with, service, and sell to their customers," said Don Vander Beke, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Support for GERS Retail Systems. "We developed Customer1 as an open, point-of-service solution for multi-channel retailing that both connects and optimizes the entire retail enterprise.

"With Customer1, sales and customer information can enter the retail enterprise from any interaction point, including a traditional point of sale, a self-service kiosk, a call center, a website, or even a retailer`s or consumer`s handheld device. The real-time, consolidated-transaction features built into Customer1 enable a retailer to instantly respond to every interaction a customer has with the enterprise to improve customer handling at every point of service. Information is automatically updated throughout the enterprise, so delays and errors caused by batch transmission of transaction data from multiple sources are eliminated. Customer1 also increases customer satisfaction and loyalty by solving the problem of retailers having to "scrub" transaction data in an effort to match up and identify multiple transactions by the same customer in multiple channels. Accurate, real-time customer data can also be leveraged to optimize inventory, merchandising, replenishment, promotion, and allocation management.

"We are delivering a solution for the retailer who has lost sales and customers as a result of disparate, disconnected systems," added Vander Beke. "By integrating sales and customer information, and sharing it in real time throughout the enterprise, Customer1 gives retailers the ability to exploit the full power of their merchandising applications. Now, they can optimize assortments and inventory for higher GMROI, closely match price points to consumer demand for improved service, and utilize promotions that drive sales and higher margins."

GERS has established a special, early adopter program for customers, and has already signed Z Gallerie and The Longaberger Company as design partners for Customer1. For more information about Customer1, visit the GERS booth #1416 at Retail Systems or go online at www.gers.com.

About GERS Retail Systems

With over 28 years of experience and 300 installations worldwide, GERS Retail Systems is a leading supplier of software solutions for the retail marketplace. The GERS Electronic Retail Enterprise includes mission-critical transaction management applications for multi-channel retailing, and provides fully integrated corporate office applications for merchandise replenishment and allocation, distribution center management, and financial control. Integral to the GERS solution set are Business Intelligence applications for predictive modeling and decision support, Merchandise Planning and Allocation for increasing returns on inventory investments, and Workflow Automation applications for maximizing productivity across the enterprise. For more information, please visit www.gers.com.


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