Camping World Selects Planalytics` Impact LR to Optimize Catalog Marketing

Kurt Peters

WAYNE, PA, June 18, 2002 - Planalytics Inc. today announced that Camping World Inc., the world’s largest retailer of RV accessories, supplies and services, has signed an agreement to access Impact LRTM, an Internet-based application that measures the specific effects of future weather on consumer demand by product, location, and time. Camping World will use Impact LR to help select the regions and dates for mailing catalogs throughout United States in order to maximize customer response.

"We distribute over 20 million catalogs and flyers each year and with Impact LR we hope to coordinate the timing of each mailing with the onset of weather that creates demand for our products,” said Cathy Beard, Director of Retail and Vendor Marketing at Camping World.

Impact LR provides retailers and manufacturers with knowledge of how weather has and will influence their business up to one year in advance in order to support more effective planning and forecasting, product distribution and allocation, and advertising and promotion timing.

Bowling Green, KY-based, Camping World Inc. is the world’s largest retailer of RV accessories, supplies and services. Starting in 1966 with one store at Beech Bend Park in Bowling Green, the company has grown to 30 retail locations nationwide, a mail order division, and Internet site, Camping World (www.campingworld.com). Camping world was acquired by Affinity Group Holding, Inc (AGI) in 1997. Affinity Group Inc. is a member-based direct marketing organization with complementary retail outlets across the country. The company sells products, services, merchandise and publications targeted to the recreational interest of members and others. AGI’s primary affinity groups include RV owners, campers, other outdoor enthusiasts and golfers. The company’s three principal lines of business are: club memberships and related products, services and magazines; specialty retail merchandise sold through supercenters, catalogs and the Internet; subscription magazines and other publications including directories.

Wayne, PA-based Planalytics (www.planalytics.com) is a supply chain planning and optimization technology company that helps companies make more effective and profitable decisions by forecasting weather-driven changes in supply, demand and prices for products and services. Companies in all industries use Planalytics` technologies to avoid squandered opportunities and poor financial results caused by the unanticipated impact of weather volatility.


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