eTailers Index Benchmark Data Now Publicly Available

Kurt Peters

Berkeley, Calif. --Jan 14, 2002--

Vertain Software announced today that its customer experience benchmark data for leading online retailers and service providers, the eTailer Index, is now publicly available on the Web at http://www.etailerIndex.com.

The index shows a wide range of error rates and page speeds among the sites monitored. For example, average page speeds range from 0.6 sec for Google.com to 6 sec for Ikea.com. Error rates differ greatly -- from 0% to 20% -- from site to site and from week to week for a given site. For example Google.com and FedEx.com remain fairly consistent at below 0.5%, while eBay`s error rate fluctuates from 2.5% to 6.5% and Amazon`s between 0 to 7.2%.

The data for the Index is collected by Vertain`s automated virtual customer, MoniQA, which regularly visits the sites, duplicating common activities of real customers and measuring their experience. Unlike other monitoring tools that are designed primarily to help diagnose technical problems, MoniQA focuses on monitoring the customers` experience and reporting it directly to business managers, providing them an independent view of the performance of the technical levels in the site`s infrastructure.

For more information contact Uzi Nitsan at uzi@vertain.com or 510-527-8046, or go to http://www.vertain.com.

About Vertain Software:

Founded in June 2000, Vertain Software is a leading provider of customer experience monitoring services for online retailers and service providers. Vertain`s managed services help these companies improve customers` satisfaction, thereby protecting their revenue streams and enhancing their competitive positions. Vertain Software is a privately held corporation, headquartered in Berkeley, California with offices in Europe and Israel. Further information is available at www.vertain.com.


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