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> > -Software helps PETCO`s online customers find relevant search results faster-

> Fremont, CA - January 14, 2002 - MercadoT Software Inc., the leading provider of e-Commerce Search and Browse, announced today that PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc., a leading specialty retailer of premium pet food, supplies and services, has selected and installed IntuiFind version 3.0 on its e-commerce site www.petco.com. Mercado Software`s IntuiFind is designed for searching content-rich online catalogs-enabling Petco.com customers to easily find items in its extensive website of pet-related products, articles, and services.

> "At PETCO we create a fun and exciting customer shopping experience, online and in our stores," said Mike Woodard of PETCO. "We have installed Mercado Software`s v3.0 IntuiFind search to help us provide superior customer service. With IntuiFind, our online customers get relevant results as they search through one of the most complete selections of pet-related products online."

> With IntuiFind`s free text keyword search, Petco.com customers can input search criteria using their own words for an intuitive and user-friendly experience. Customers can run an intuitive search for products while also retrieving relevant articles and information related to their search. For example, a customer can type the words "birds" and "food" in the search field, and the search results page will yield the most relevant bird food products, articles on bird care and services. Regardless of misspellings or alternative terminology, customers can access the products and information they want quickly by leveraging more than 50 powerful linguistic knowledge banks, including stemming, spelling, and thesauri.

> "We are pleased that Petco.com is using IntuiFind as part of its efforts to provide superior customer service," said Menachem Cohen, CEO of Mercado Software. "A greater number of leading e-commerce sites recognize the importance of providing high-quality search and are turning to Mercado`s technology to offer quick and easy access to product information. IntuiFind offers the performance and scalability that online retailers need for good customer service. " > > IntuiFind Key Highlights

> IntuiFind is the leading search and browse solution for enterprise scale e-Commerce sites. With IntuiFind, intuitive free text search and parametric search are integrated with dynamic browsing by categories and product attributes. IntuiFind enables unified search across both structured catalog content and unstructured documents. In addition, IntuiFind supports extensive logging of all search-related activities, providing deeper insight into how the catalog and its search can be optimized. To see a demonstration of IntuiFind 5, please go to www.mercado.com/Customers/demos/. > > About Petco

> PETCO is a leading specialty retailer of premium pet food, supplies and services. PETCO operates more than 560 stores in 41 states and the District of Columbia. PETCO is a private company backed by Leonard Green & Partners, L.P., a private Los Angeles-based merchant banking firm, and Texas Pacific Group, a private investment partnership based in Fort Worth, Texas.

> About Mercado Software

> MercadoT Software is the recognized leader of e-Commerce search solutions for organizations worldwide, including Sears, Caterpillar, Macy`s, Blockbuster Video and others. Mercado`s IntuiFindTM is the first complete Search and Browse solution for large-scale e-commerce applications. With the patented IntuiFind technology, Mercado Software has developed best-of-class intuitive free text and parametric search, integrated with dynamic browsing by categories and attributes. IntuiFind customers report higher on-line site revenues through increasing customer satisfaction, retention and conversion rates. Mercado`s UniClassT is an automated tool for attribute extraction and classification of content rich catalogs, used to optimize catalog content and aggregate multi-supplier catalogs. For more information about Mercado Software please visit www.mercado.com. > > > > Media Contacts: > Kristina Messdaghi > Mercado Software Inc. > Tel: 510-870-8055 > Fax: 510-870-8100 > Email: kmessdaghi@mercado.com > > Hilda Martinez > Sterling Communications Inc. > Tel: 415-749-6550 > Fax: 415-749-6551 > Email: hmartinez@sterlingpr.com > >


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