Broadxent’s Modem Blaster bundles AdSubtract Internet Ad Blocking and Cookie Management Software

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Helps Improve Internet Performance and Ensure Users’ Privacy

Braintree, Mass. - October 23, 2001 - interMute, Inc. today announced that Broadxent, Inc., a subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ: CREAF), is bundling interMute’s AdSubtract Internet ad blocking and cookie management software with Modem Blaster V.92 Serial modems. AdSubtract software adds speed and privacy by reducing unwanted screen clutter while Broadxent’s modem users surf the web. Designed to block Internet advertisements and Internet cookies, AdSubtract users have blocked over five billion Internet ads to date.

As Internet advertising click through rates have dropped, Internet ad servers have developed larger, bandwidth-draining advertising technologies, such as banner ads, pop-up, pop-under and flash advertisements. AdSubtract will allow Modem Blaster’s users to choose when and how they view Internet advertisements, dramatically improving Internet performance. AdSubtract will also empower Broadxent’s customers to choose who can track their Internet surfing habits through the management of cookies, helping to ensure their privacy on the Internet.

Analog modems, according to The Yankee Group, are by far the most widely used Internet access technology in the world, and V.92 is the latest advancement in analog modem technology. Modem Blaster is one of the first analog modem lines to use V.92 technology, providing the fastest upload and download capabilities, as well as a host of new usability features. With the addition of AdSubtract, Modem Blaster customers can further the benefits of V.92 technology by blocking bandwidth-draining Internet advertisements.

“Modem Blaster, developed by Broadxent, is one of the most recognized brand names in the industry and we are excited to be part of the Modem Blaster line. It is another great win for AdSubtract. Our belief that Internet ad servers need to bring advertisements and privacy intrusions under control is being heard by product designers and Internet developers,” said Ed English, CEO of interMute.

English continued: “New Internet advertising formats can have the effect of sweeping aside improvements in modem speed and performance by adding the burdens of huge ad banners, animation and video. The success of AdSubtract is in its ability to put control of the Internet experience back into the hands of web users, and allow products such as Modem Blaster to work to its full potential.”

“AdSubtract is a great addition to our Modem Blaster line. Our customers are looking for faster modems and more privacy, and AdSubtract helps us to bring both to our customers. The software is easy to use and install and will significantly enhance our V.92 technology products,” said Bryan Chan, VP of Marketing at Broadxent.


The Modem Blaster V.92 Serial bundled with interMute AdSubtract is available now.

About Broadxent

Broadxent develops, markets and supports broadband network Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) to deliver reliable and value-added communication solutions to multiple channels including consumers, small office/home office locations, network service providers and carriers. Broadxent’s DSL solutions enable its customers to connect to the Internet easily and affordably to further enhance their Internet experience. As a global communications equipment supplier, Broadxent is committed to making accessibility to broadband as effortless as possible for all consumers. Broadxent is a subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ: CREAF), the worldwide leader in digital entertainment products for the personal computer and the Internet. For more information, please visit us at www.broadxent.com.

About interMute, Inc.

interMute, Inc. develops and distributes Internet software to make the web faster, more pleasant and private. Based in Braintree, Mass., interMute’s AdSubtract® brand software ‘Subtracts the Ads’ and enhances online-privacy. Recently rated five-stars by ZDNet Downloads, AdSubtract software has received numerous industry awards and accolades. For further information, visit the AdSubtract Web site at: www.adsubtract.com or email us at support@adsubtract.com.

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