FitMe joins the competition for online apparel sizing

FitMe.com is introducing Size Genie, a web-based software application to allow consumers to determine clothing fit.

Kurt Peters

Santa Clara, CA-based FitMe.com Inc., a developer of technology solutions for the apparel industry, is jumping into the online mannequin business. It announced today the introduction of Size Genie, a web-based software application designed to allow individual consumers to determine their fit and optimal sizes in virtually any brand of clothing.

"Shoppers are often frustrated and confused with varying fit and sizes in the industry," said FitMe CEO Ram Srinivasan. "Size Genie provides personalized information for the consumer. Retailers using Size Genie can expect higher sales, lower returns, and more satisfied consumers. Simply put, a better bottom line beginning this holiday season."

FitMe competes with My Virtual Model, which has consumer models on nine online apparel retailing sites, and LuuLuu.com. It has no placements on retail sites yet.

Designed for easy integration with e-commerce websites, retailers may preview Size Genie at www.fitme.com.

Size Genie utilizes a consumer`s specific measurements to determine the right size for an optimal fit in hundreds of apparel brands. Size Genie shows how a garment fits on various parts of an individual`s body. Consumers will be able to access the patent-pending application through the web sites of participating retailers or directly through FitMe.Com.


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