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Procurement Site Saving Average of 16% Per Bid

DALLAS - August 22, 2001- In its first year in operation, estorefixture.com, the retail industry`s most extensive automated bidding, communication and procurement business-to-business site, has bid more than $55 million worth of not-for-resale items for some of the nation`s top retailers, saving from 5-60 percent per bid. On average, estorefixture.com has saved 16 percent on items bid over the site.

estorefixture.com is cutting costs for top-name retailers like Kohl`s, Verizon, Little Me and Belk Department Stores. In total, over 200 retailers have registered with estorefixture.com.

"The Internet has given retailers a tremendous opportunity," said David Bradshaw, estorefixture.com vice president of operations. "Retailers are realizing that by using estorefixture.com to assist in their procurement processes, they can reduce many of the headaches associated with manual procurement, including pre-qualifying sellers and excessive time spent communicating with involved parties."

estorefixture.com creates an unbiased environment in which suppliers have the opportunity to bid on retail programs from numerous reputable international retailers. Because estorefixture.com simplifies procurement, those retailers will get to market much faster than by using traditional procurement processes. estorefixture.com currently has a database of over 28,000 suppliers on hand.

"estorefixture.com has truly enhanced the procurement process for retailers, not only by making it faster and easier, but also by cutting costs all around," said Rick Davis, estorefixture.com president and CEO. "We are creating value and new opportunity for our members."

About estorefixture.com Inc.

Founded in July 2000, estorefixture.com Inc., has revolutionized the bidding process for retailers. estorefixture.com is the only site of its kind, specializing in custom retail fixtures, but also flexibly designed as a resource for retailers to procure other not-for-resale items required to do business. The site provides retailers with access to a worldwide database of qualified manufacturers and suppliers to compete for their business and incorporates powerful database and analysis applications with comprehensive AutoCAD and design services, real-time online collaboration and responsive customer service. Adjacent services are also available, including an e-commerce catalog and reverse auction capabilities.

estorefixture.com Inc., a Fixture Perfect International company, is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Additional information is available by calling (214) 750-9009 or via the Internet at www.estorefixture.com.



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