Coremetrics to Help Retailers Boost Web Site Sales Performance During 2001 Holiday Season

Kurt Peters

Coremetrics™ to Help Retailers Increase Sales, Optimize Advertising Campaigns and Convert Holiday Shoppers into Loyal Customers with Jingle Bell Run Promotion

San Francisco, Calif. - August 8, 2001 - Coremetrics™, Inc. (www.coremetrics.com), a leading provider of business intelligence solutions, today announced a seasonal promotion called Jingle Bell Run that will enable retailers to boost Web site sales performance during the 2001 holiday season and beyond. The Jingle Bell Run campaign will offer online retailers a three-month cycle of data collection and analysis that will help retailers measure and optimize advertising campaigns, increase overall holiday sales, and convert holiday shoppers into repeat customers in 2002.

Retailers who take advantage of the Jingle Bell Run holiday promotion will have complete implementation of data collection and reporting by no later than November 1, 2001. In addition to three months of data collection and storage, Coremetrics will provide retailers with decision support services, including eLuminate Commerce™, an award-winning Web analytics service that analyzes online customer behavior. Clients will also have access to a Coremetrics business analyst who can help retailers increase online sales by interpreting reports and recommending strategies to enhance campaign performance and improve on-site promotions. Retailers can leverage Coremetrics’ business intelligence services to track shopping cart abandonment, understand how consumers navigate the Web site, and analyze merchandizing to ensure that customers can easily find seasonal items they want to purchase. Retailers who take advantage of Jingle Bell Run will receive a discounted option to extend Coremetrics’ data collection and reporting services for an additional 12 months.

"This year over 25 million Americans will shop online for holiday gifts, and retailers need to be sure that unspotted site design flaws, poor checkout processes, and outdated target marketing tools don’t dramatically sap their holiday sales," said Jim Wambach, executive vice president of client services for Coremetrics. "Last year, researchers found that 70% of holiday shoppers who encountered problems at a retail Web site abandoned the site for another retailer. We are committed to helping these companies understand critical factors like shopping cart abandonment, and we will work closely with all of our customers to ensure they are prepared to make the most of the holiday season."

Coremetrics Business Intelligence Solutions

Coremetrics` business intelligence solutions consist of a Core Data Platform™ and a Web analytics service, eLuminate Commmerce™. Coremetrics` Core Data Platform is a data warehouse of comprehensive and accurate online customer behavior for analysis using eLuminate Commerce, custom reporting by Coremetrics, and integration with third-party CRM and data mining applications. eLuminate Commerce is an award-winning Web analytics service that enables companies to understand customer behavior and make informed business decisions that decrease customer acquisition costs, increase customer retention and improve browser-to-buyer conversion ratios. eLuminate Commerce extracts granular customer data from the Core Data Platform to deliver business analysis that allows companies to quickly create customer segments, maximize marketing ROI, and improve online merchandising. Coremetrics` business intelligence solutions are complemented by a professional services team that delivers tailored data capture services, customized reporting and in-depth analysis that allow businesses to improve customer relationships within the online channel and across the enterprise.

About Coremetrics

Founded in May 1999, Coremetrics is a provider of data-driven business intelligence solutions that enable companies to improve interactions with their customers based on a complete understanding of online behavior. Coremetrics` data capture, storage and decision-support services provide a complete model of customer interaction online that is extensible for enterprise-wide use with third party Customer Relationship Management and data mining applications. Coremetrics` customers include The Columbia House Company, Hanover Direct, Sundance Catalog Company, Walmart.com and Wilson`s Leather. Coremetrics is headquartered in San Francisco with research and development offices in Austin, Texas. The company is privately held with funding from Accel Partners, General Catalyst, and Highland Capital Partners. To learn more about Coremetrics, visit the company`s Web site at www.coremetrics.com or call 877-721-CORE.

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