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Cap Gemini Ernst and Young Joins Vality in Delivering Innovative Solution for Managing Online Catalogs

BOSTON, Mass. (July 10, 2001) - Vality Technology Inc. today introduced Vality Catalist for product catalog content management. Vality Catalist provides fully automated processes for constructing large online product catalogs in a small fraction of the time required by other solutions. Vality Catalist complements Vality Beacon search functionality to make it easy for online shoppers to find the exact products they are searching for on the first try.

Cap Gemini Ernst and Young www.cgey.com, one of the largest management and IT consulting firms in the world, contributed to the development of Vality Catalist by helping to define requirements and enhance the solutions that it can provide to its joint customers with Vality.

Vality Catalist provides a single solution that normalizes, categorizes, and consolidates diverse product data to create a consistent catalog. It performs this process in bulk mode to automatically load the initial catalog - and in change mode to facilitate review. These processes result in product information with an improved organization and appearance that is easier for customers to understand and successfully search.

“Vality’s strength in data quality and online product search drew us to this project. We saw that Vality’s continued development of innovative solutions could help us provide our client with a competitive advantage and would help ensure Vality’s and our ongoing success in e-commerce projects,” said Lydon Neumann, partner, Cap Gemini Ernst and Young. “This product extends current Vality e-commerce offerings for a total solution.”

According to Zona Research, 40 percent of the labor cost associated with e-commerce site development is attributable to catalog preparation and data aggregation. A catalog should present consistent product information for the benefit of buyers. Yet many catalogs are assembled from multiple sources. These sources use diverse terminology, formats, units of measure, categorization schemes, and abbreviations.

Vality Catalist’s sophisticated, automated processes excel in producing consistent catalogs from a large number of diverse data sources quickly.

For example, with Vality Catalist:

--Automated normalization produces a consistent catalog schema with uniform terminology (making content easier to understand and search) and product attributes in discrete fields (for parametric searching).

--Automated categorization maps products to a categorization scheme to organize the catalog logically and consistently - for ease of product browsing and retrieval and “shopping the aisles” to identify related products, compare alternatives, and avoid overlooking products.
--Automated consolidation identifies and manages duplicate products (from different suppliers) and similar or substitute products (from different manufacturers), enabling duplicates to be eliminated or consolidated into a more complete entry and substitute products to be linked and presented to customers.
--Automated ongoing, incremental catalog change management ensures continuing catalog data quality and reduces ongoing catalog management costs.

“By combining Vality Catalist with Vality Beacon, companies can successfully connect the sell-side to the buy-side for e-commerce, “ said Mark E. Atkins, Vality President and CEO. “For the buy side, having an organized catalog means faster, easier successful shopping for time and cost savings. For the sell side, Vality Catalist enables faster time to market and visibility for suppliers’ products for more sales. Another sell side benefit is ease of implementation. Vality Catalist operations easily integrate with existing enterprise and e-commerce applications and have the flexibility to support any catalog schema, business rules, and categorization strategy.”

About Vality Technology

Vality Technology is the recognized leader in enterprise data quality management and provides customers and partners with data standardization, matching software and consulting services. Vality’s customers and partners represent Global 5000 corporations engaged in finance, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail, telecommunications, energy, and utilities. Some of them include Aetna U.S. Healthcare®, IBM®, Marks & Spencer®, NatWest®, www.onlinesuppliers.com corp.™, Telstra®, and UPS®. These companies rely on Vality’s patent-pending technology to develop and deploy enterprise data quality management solutions that ensure the ROI of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence, e-Commerce and Supply Chain Management (SCM) initiatives. Vality was recently listed in Boston Magazine`s Best Places to Work; and based on its e-Commerce products, was named one of the 15 Stars of eCommerce by eCom Advisory.

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