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Point Cloud to integrate Imation Verifi Accurate Web Color with its 3D imaging technology to better simulate the in-store shopping experience

OAKDALE, Minn. – (May 15, 2001) – Imation Corp. (NYSE: IMN) and Point Cloud today announced the incorporation of the Imation Verifi Accurate Web Color technology into Point Cloud’s 3D imaging technology. The Verifi system modifies color images to compensate for the differences inherent in the way monitors display color, and serves color-accurate images specific to a user’s display system. The integration of the Verifi system and Point Cloud’s technology marks the first time online shoppers can experience accurate color together with the ability to view products in 3D and close-up, bringing e-commerce one giant step closer to the in-store shopping experience. A demonstration of the combined technology can be seen at http://www.pointcloud.com/confidencecolor.

A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers survey (January 2001) revealed that features most likely to increase online purchases are tools that closely simulate the in-store shopping experience. Point Cloud has already enhanced online shopping with the ability to view products from all angles and in high resolution-offering an amazing level of detail that rivals shopping in-person. “Through our partnership with Imation, we are excited to offer our clients a further level of confidence-the assurance of accurate color,” said Point Cloud CEO, Jeffrey Sugerman. “The unique combination of accurate color, 3D and zooming gives online shoppers the ability to see products in great detail, allowing them to virtually hold the product in their hand. These enhancements provide the convenience of shopping on the web, with the confidence of shopping in person.”

“We are proud to announce Point Cloud as the first of many alliances where Imation Verifi Accurate Web Color will be integrated with other Internet imaging technologies,” said Dave Veilleux, director, marketing and business development, Imation Internet Imaging. In e-commerce, both accurate color and the ability to view product detail are critical to online shopping satisfaction. Until today, e-commerce sites have had to choose between a range of imaging technologies because the solutions of various vendors were not compatible. Verifi technology’s modular architecture makes integration possible, allowing site owners to offer multiple imaging capabilities. “This combination of imaging technology will greatly enhance the online shopping experience, leading to increased consumer confidence, higher sales conversion rates, and fewer returns,” added Veilleux.

How the Verifi technology works:
Dynamic image modification serves individualized color

Online color has traditionally been a problem because no two computers display color alike. Based on Imation’s industry-proven color profiling technology and global leadership in color management and color proofing, the Verifi system enables business and consumer end-users to view accurate color images within Web browsers. Once a user profiles their system by completing a two-minute color comparison survey that confirms how their monitor displays color, the Verifi system dynamically modifies and serves color-corrected images specific to that display system. Users need only complete the monitor color survey once. Within sites enhanced with Verifi technology, a distinctive color icon provides visual confirmation and assures color confidence. Current users of Verifi technology include BlueBolt Studio, a software tool that facilitates the specification process for interior finishes, and Workbook.com, the online version of the national directory of creative talent for the graphic arts industry.

Point Cloud’s 3D imaging technology

Point Cloud’s proprietary 3D imaging service transforms standard 2D digital images into interactive 3D images for use on the Internet. Unlike other 3D imaging services, Point Cloud can convert a company’s 2D images quickly, affordably, and hassle-free. With a click of the mouse, online shoppers can control the product by rotating, zooming or panning, which allows them to examine each item’s color, shape and texture in extremely high resolution.

About Imation Corp.

A global technology company, Imation Corp. supplies a variety of products and services worldwide, specializing in data storage and information management, color management and imaging solutions. For the graphic arts, creative, office and Internet markets, Imation offers color management, proofing, software and services for a wide range of critical color applications. Included in the line are Imation Matchprint analog and digital halftone proofing products, Imation Verifi Accurate Web Color technology and data storage products and services. In 2000, the company reported revenues of $1.2 billion from continuing operations. As of December 31, 2000, the company employed approximately 4,300 people worldwide. Additional information about Imation is available on the Company’s web site at www.imation.com or by calling Imation toll-free at 1.888.466.3456.

About Point Cloud

Point Cloud is a Minneapolis-based Internet services company. The company’s proprietary software automatically converts digital photos into interactive 3D images, bringing dimension to the Internet. Point Cloud’s technology is utilized by online retailers (e-tailers) and manufacturers, as well as in business-to-business e-commerce applications. Additional information is available at www.pointcloud.com.


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Editorial Note: Additional information about Verifi technology, including the Verifi icon, screen captures and white papers, is available at www.verifi.net.

Additional information about Point Cloud’s 3D imaging technology, including a demonstration of the application, is available at www.pointcloud.com


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