Shoplet.com and Genisar Inc. Sign Strategic Alliance to Provide Interactive Online Evaluation of Software Products Worldwide

Internet Retailer

Shoplet.com and Genisar will provide reality not perception to the

online software purchasing experience, ensuring consumers

get the products they really want

    Genisar Corporation, the leader of online software demonstration

services, today announced a comprehensive and global online software

evaluation capability for a leading business-to-business and

business-to-consumer e-marketplace, Shoplet.com. Genisar`s service

will directly support Shoplet.com`s computer software superstore,

Software Outlet, as well as Shoplet.com`s software download

superstore, DownloadOutlet.com. The alliance of these two companies

provides consumers a real-time, online experience with the software

they want to purchase. This powerful solution increases customer

satisfaction, reduces returned products and offers the consumer a

relief from the demo download frustration. The consumers stay on the

original product web site and can therefore try product after product

until they find what satisfies their needs. This online software demo

service is easily presented to the consumer with a click of a button.

    "With Genisar`s innovative solution, Shoplet.com becomes an

accelerated sales engine, free from the legacy demo distribution

technology, thereby driving down the cost of doing business and

acquiring a competitive advantage," said, Bruce Smith, CEO of Genisar.

    "Genisar`s online software demo service is yet another step in our

quest to empower our customers to make well-informed purchases and to

enhance their overall shopping experience. Shoplet.com customers are

now given the opportunity to try-before-they-buy. We believe we are

the first in our space to offer this type of functionality," commented

Tony Ellison, CEO of Shoplet.com. "It is a significant move for us to

offer our customers a quick, hassle-free method to purchasing software

online that will guarantee greater satisfaction."

    About Genisar Corporation

    Founded in January 2000, California based Genisar Corporation

revolutionized the PC and PDA software industry`s approach to

demonstrating software applications online. Genisar delivers, to the

consumer, the ability to test drive software products without the

hassle of downloading and installing on their local machine. The

consumer can immediately operate a software application online as if

it was installed on their computer. Genisar has provided interactive

software demonstrations to over 114 different countries. Genisar can

be contacted at: 925/249-6900, email sales@genisar.com, or the

corporate web page www.genisar.com

    About Shoplet.com

    Founded in May 1994, Shoplet.com, a leading business-to-business

and business-to-consumer e-marketplace, operates one of the world`s

largest superstores with a customer base of over 1.5 million. Through

its award-winning www.shoplet.com site, businesses and consumers can

shop 24 hours a day, seven days a week for more than 4 million

products & services at a network of nine online specialty stores,

including Hardware Outlet, Software Outlet, Office Outlet,

DownloadOutlet.com, BookBuyers Outlet, The Games Outlet, Auction

Outlet and TheAutoReport.com.

    In addition to buying products, customers can choose from

thousands of fixed price service listings or post projects to receive

quotes from qualified experts from LookForServices. Additionally,

customers have access to tools such as free company Intranets, online

bill payment with Billsoverdue.com, and subsidized domain name

registration with Register.com. With the largest product selection and

services, absolute lowest prices and world-class customer service,

Shoplet.com sets the standard for online shopping by offering

customers a premier shopping experience, all under one roof, and

vendors a powerful advertising medium. Privately held Shoplet.com is

based in New York, New York, with offices in California and Tel-Aviv.

For more information, visit www.shoplet.com.


    Freeplaysoftware.com is a trademark of Genisar Corporation.

    Shoplet.com is a trademark of Internet Shopping Outlet.

CONTACT: Genisar Corporation

Glenn Ignazio, 925/249-6900




Rungthip Choensookasem, 212/619-3383



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