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Affiliate Marketing

Shopko brings an online gift registry to its stores

How uses affiliates to boost the bottom line

YouTube experts drive $1 million in sales for a video game accessories e-retailer


E-mail Marketing

Pop-ups push consumers to give email addresses to retailers

What’s the secret to Bonobos’ email marketing program?

Finely tailored marketing messages help Swell lure shoppers to click and buy


International Marketing

How a Chinese startup became a top seller on

Online vitamin sales surge with growing Chinese demand

The U.S. Postal Service and Alibaba agree to collaborate on cross-border e-commerce


Merchandising and Design

A niche e-commerce site for military and government personnel receives $11.5 million in funding

Can physical stores turn ModCloth around?

Jet’s day one beats Amazon prices


Online Marketplaces

A new tool tracks sales and pricing trends on

Filene’s Basement comes back online

Online marketplace raises $55 million in first round of funding


Search Engine Marketing

Google aims to boost ad relevancy for businesses sharing email lists

Retailers stick with standard methods when spending online marketing dollars

Now shoppers can buy right on Google


Search Engine Optimization

With digital ads, apparel retailers find it pays to spend on themselves

Seeking an SEO expert? Asking around doesn’t work so well powers through Google’s mobile search ranking change


Site Search

Celebros gets cozy with major e-commerce platform vendors

U.K. wholesale site increases online sales through improved site search

E-commerce technology provider Celebros has a new CEO


Social Media

Betting on e-commerce pays off for Ashley Stewart

Twitter makes a pitch to be the ‘world’s biggest social marketplace’

Brands need to prepare for a Facebook ‘Dislike’ button


Video/Rich Media

YouTube expands e-commerce on its videos

Creating content takes time, and many retail marketers have little to spare

Adobe integrates content and marketing programs with IBM’s e-commerce platform


Web Advertising

Why retailers might start boosting their Google display ad budgets

YouTube expands e-commerce on its videos

Facebook-owned Atlas aims to improve digital advertising



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