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The only research publication ranking and detailing the largest retail web sites in one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in the world

With thriving economies, educated and increasingly affluent buyers and a growing base of Internet shoppers, retail e-commerce throughout Latin America is booming. In Brazil, an e-commerce market with 81 million shoppers and growing, the collective sales of Brazilian web merchants grew 40% in 2011 alone. The e-commerce growth story is much the same in other Latin countries, from Mexico to Argentina and Colombia to Chile.

To understand why and where Latin American online retailing is booming and what competitors are right now emerging as the region’s biggest web merchants, there is only one source of detailed research—the all-new 368-page 2012 Top 300 Latin America guide, published by Internet Retailer, the world’s leading provider of e-commerce publications and conferences.

The new guide ranks the 300 largest e-retailers throughout Latin America’s 40 countries based on their 2011 retail web sales and provides 100 financial and operational details on each one (See Content tab). As a group, the Top 300 Latin America e-retailers account for more than one-third of Latin America’s $37 billion retail e-commerce market.

The information contained in each Top 300 Latin America Guide is presented in three languages - English, Spanish, and Portuguese. In addition, the Guide is available in three formats:

Because of its impressive growth and relative youth, the Latin American e-commerce market is now attracting attention from retailers and manufacturers from around the world who, along with countless local e-commerce operators, are seeking to build strong ground-floor positions in this burgeoning and profitable e-retailing market.

That fact alone puts a premium of the proprietary competitive data that is packed into the new Internet Retailer Top 300 Latin America guide, the only authoritative source of e-commerce data and analysis on the biggest and up-and-coming competitors in the Latin e-commerce market.

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