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Hitting a home run

Hot 100 retailers in this year's home and hardware category have e-commerce sites designed to make online shopping an attractive alternative to shopping in a store.



Why They're Hot: While Sur La Table’s online sales soared 104% in 2013, that growth wasn’t the result of a flashy new technology or marketing plan. Instead it stemmed from experimenting with many ways to make shopping on SurLaTable.com more appealing, says Kevin Ertell, senior vice president of digital. “We’re constantly running all sorts of tests,” he says. In mid-October, for example, the retailer had 183 different tests running that measured the impact of varying messaging, button colors and promotions. The retailer did also revamp the site search engine and introduced a “My Collections” tool that lets shoppers collect items they like (they can share their collections on Facebook and Pinterest). But Ertell says it was the seemingly small moves, like simplifying the checkout page, which produced some of the best results.
Key Statistics:
  • Date Launched:1999
  • Unique Visitors:376,969
  • Web-based Sales:Order the Hot 100 issue
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