Retailers think big with web design

There are many good looking e-commerce sites out there, and the bulk of merchants featured in this year’s Hot 100 design category use the entire screen to show off their attractive sites.



Why They're Hot: 2015 was a big year for Lands’ End as it defined its position as a stand-alone apparel retailer, having separated from Sears in 2014. It hired CEO Federica Marchionni from Dolce & Gabbana and brought in top managers from retailers like Saks and J. Crew. Its direction grew clearer this summer when it rolled out a responsive site designed to speak to two audiences: Existing customers, which chief creative officer Becky Gebhardt calls its “classic” audience, and a younger, fashion-focused audience. Classics find a refreshed look that focuses on quality-time moments with family. Meanwhile, it serves the second group with a microsite merchandised by fashion world insiders. “The beauty of our clothing is celebrated there, and it is helping customers look at us in completely different way,” Gebhardt says.
Key Statistics:
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  • Unique Visitors:1,676,600
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