Mobile is mainstream

Mobile commerce can’t be a second thought for retailers. While the screens may be smaller, m-commerce is quickly catching up to its bigscreen desktop and laptop counterparts.



Why They're Hot: More than half of daily discount retailer Groupon Inc.’s total sales in 2014 came from mobile devices, and 70% of Groupon’s mobile sales stemmed from its apps. Groupon is a mobile pioneer. It was one of the first to enable one-touch checkout via the transformative Apple Pay technology and it continually ranks as one of the most downloaded apps, with more than 110 million downloads worldwide. It is also a consumer favorite, ranking among the best apps as rated by consumers in a study by Pivotal Labs. Groupon is also entering new verticals. Earlier this year it bought OrderUp, an online food ordering and delivery marketplace that operates in nearly 40 cities across the United States. Groupon says it want to a slice of what it says is a $70 billion food ordering and delivery industry.
Key Statistics:
  • Date Launched:2011
  • Unique Visitors:48,500,000
  • Web-based Sales:Order the Hot 100 issue
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