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The social networks are well aware of their pull, and how challenging it is for retailers to convince consumers, particularly those on mobile devices, to click and buy. That’s why nearly all of them have rolled out e-commerce initiatives such
as Buy buttons that either let shoppers buy directly on their platforms or direct shoppers to the item’s product page.



Why They're Hot: It’s challenging times to be a youth-oriented mall-based retailer. Just look at Wet Seal or Aeropostale. That makes the success Express Inc. is having online all the more amazing. The retailer’s online sales grew 21% in the second quarter and nearly 17% in the first half of the year, as e-commerce made up a larger share of the retailer’s sales. Those gains stemmed in part from Express using storytelling to give shoppers a compelling reason to buy, said David Kornberg, the retailer’s president and CEO, earlier this year. For instance, the retailer launched “the Edit,” a site section where fashion bloggers select the products that appear. "This new online feature is a place for our customers to see our latest fashion story, video and social content,” he said.
Key Statistics:
  • Date Launched:2008
  • Unique Visitors:5,500,000
  • Web-based Sales:Order the Hot 100 issue
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