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Europe 500 Guide


1. Company Snapshot

Detailed write-up of each merchant’s latest web retailing strategy and news.

2. Financial

A multi-year history of each retailer’s annual web sales and latest growth rate.

3. Operational

The key traffic, ticket and conversion rate statistics that drive e-retail sales.

4. Technical Performance

Metrics on how efficiently shoppers can open and navigate a site.

5. Marketing

Performance statistics on each merchant’s search spending.

6. Management

Headquarters address and contact information of the top e-commerce executive.

7. Features & Functions

At-a-glance breakdown of web site services.

8. Social Media

A breakdown of the major social media sites used by each retailer.

9. Promotions

A breakdown of major types of incentives.

10. Vendors

Vendors used by each merchant in 28 different e-commerce solutions categories.


Growth rate in 2013 Euro 500 e-commerce sales


Market share of Europe 500 for all of 2013 total online sales in Europe


The number of countries represented in the 2014 Europe 500


2013 growth rate for Portuguese mass merchant e-retailer Continente Online

Key Features

  • Sales Figures2013 web sales of the 500 largest e-retailers in Europe

  • Thorough Analysis201 total metrics per e-retailer: financial, operations, performance & others

  • Comprehensive ScopeArticles highlighting cross-border commerce

  • Industry Contacts856 online retailing executives

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