Europe 500: Market overview

The story of e-commerce in Europe follows the trajectory of globalization as a whole with national borders being broken down by ambitious, chiefly large, retailers who champion cross-border expansionism as their chief business goal. Zalando AG, a German shoe and apparel retailer ranked No. 9 in the 2014 Europe 500, sells more than 150,000 products from 1,500 brands in 14 European countries. The web merchant posted sales of €1.76 billion (U.S. $242 billion) in 2013, up an impressive 53% compared to €1.15 billion (U.S. $1.58 billion) a year earlier, according to the 2014 Europe 500. Equally impressive is the fact that 35% of total traffic to the e-retailer stems from mobile devices.

The 39 U.S.-based e-retailers ranked in the Europe 500 collectively kept pace with e-commerce growth in Europe overall, pooling in total web sales of $39.2 billion last year, a 17.10% increase over 2012 total web sales in Europe of $33.4 billion. There was no year-over-year increase in market share for the Americans, largely thanks to flat growth by consumer electronics manufacturers (excepting Apple Inc.), whose command of the Europe 500 market remained the same as it did in 2012 at 25%. No. 1 ranked reported $26 billion in European online sales last year, as the Europe 500 shows, a 16.82% increase from the previous year's totals of $22.2 billion.


Growth rate in 2013 Euro 500 e-commerce sales


Market share of Europe 500 for all of 2013 total online sales in Europe


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2013 growth rate for Portuguese mass merchant e-retailer Continente Online

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