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Featuring never-before-seen and expanded content, the fifth edition of this well-organized resource truly lives up to its title of being "Complete." Yet it allows for a highly targeted analysis of e-commerce technologies. That's because the profiles and details on all 1,650 e-commerce vendors are organized into one of the 23 core product categories that comprise the e-commerce technology market. So, despite its wealth of information, the Guide is designed to help technology buyers easily locate the solutions they are looking for and make more informed purchasing decisions in their quest to take their e-retailing businesses to higher levels of performance.

An Invaluable Decision-Making Aid for U.S. E-Retailers: The new Guide to E-Commerce Technology provides such easy and affordable access to valuable research on e-commerce technology providers that it should be the first resource every e-retailer turns to when analyzing its technology options and comparing the solutions of different vendors. The Guide contains exclusive data on the 1,650 e-commerce technology providers it profiles—describing the key features of the products they offer, the year they were established, their area of expertise, their leading retail clients, the base pricing of their products and the names, locations and contact information of their corporate executives. In fact, the new Guide contains the names and contact information of 5,200 executives at America's e-commerce technology providers, making it a who's who of e-retailing technologists.

Perhaps the most important aspect of vendor information packed into the Guide to E-Commerce Technology is that the vendors profiled did not pay a dime to be included. Rather, all of the data in the Guide is the product of independent journalistic research. The descriptions of each vendor's products, pricing and retail clients are researched and written by Internet Retailer's award-winning 18-member editorial staff, the largest full-time editorial team covering the e-commerce market. This approach assures buyers of the Guide that its content is unbiased and objective.

Competitive Intelligence for Solutions Providers: Beyond being a guide for buyers of technology, the Guide to E-Commerce Technology also provides a treasure trove of data e-commerce solutions providers can use to compete more effectively by arming them with intelligence of their competitors' products, pricing and clientele. Just as the Guide helps e-retailers find the solutions providers they need, it assists vendors in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of competitors in their segments of the e-commerce technology market.

A Complete Resource for Other Industry Stakeholders: Consultants to e-commerce companies can also use the Guide to E-Commerce Technology to recommend solutions providers to their retail clients, as the Guide reveals the latest information on all of the solutions providers in their clients' market segments. Similarly, e-commerce investors and market analysts can gain a better understanding of the financial prospects of the e-commerce vendors they are tracking.

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Key Features

  • Independent ProfilesSnapshots of 1,650 tech products and services providers

  • Detailed Data SummaryPricing, customer names, products and more

  • E-Commerce Market Map23 Easily searchable categories

  • 5,200 Vendor ContactsSales, Marketing & Corporate Executives

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