What is the Guide to E-Commerce Technology?

The Guide is a fact-filled 480 pages of business profiles and product and client details on 1,650 application developers and service providers in 23 e-commerce market segments. The Guide provides: - Detailed profiles of vendors including descriptions of products, price ranges and retail clients - The names and contact information of 5,200 executives at leading e-commerce technology vendors

What does the Guide contain in addition to vendor listings?

The Guide to E-Commerce Technology includes detailed reporting and analysis of key e-commerce technology trends. Specific articles include: – Cover story on the latest in e-commerce vendor mergers and acquisitions and the impact on online retailers – Contributed article on the importance of service level agreements for key e-commerce technology contracts – Contributed article on practical advice to find the right e-commerce technology platform

How do you conduct research for the Guide to E-Commerce Technology?

Through interviews with experts and their own experience, our research team identifies important vendors to the industry. The team contacts all 1,650 companies for data about their products, services, pricing, typical customers and other areas. This book is not the Yellow Pages of vendors—it is a detailed report on 1,650 vendors chosen for inclusion because of their relevance to the industry; none of them paid to be included.

How can I submit my company for inclusion in the Guide?

Internet Retailer welcomes submissions from technology and services vendors who would like to be considered for inclusion in the Guide. Please submit company name, address, information about your products, entry level/typical pricing, examples of clients, executives’ names and titles, and your contact information to Bill Briggs at billb@verticalwebmedia.com.

How can I buy a copy of the Complete Guide to E-Commerce Technology?

The Guide to E-Commerce Technology is available in print for $75 plus FedEx shipping. A digital version is available for $85; a bundled option of both of the print and digital versions can be ordered for $125. You may order at our secure web site.

Where can I submit a question about my order?

Please contact Chaz McCrobie-Quinn, our circulation director: chaz@verticalwebmedia.com.

Tech Guide Facts

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Key Features

  • Independent ProfilesSnapshots of 1,650 tech products and services providers

  • Detailed Data SummaryPricing, customer names, products and more

  • E-Commerce Market Map23 Easily searchable categories

  • 5,200 Vendor ContactsSales, Marketing & Corporate Executives

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