Posted: October 20, 2014, 4:30 PM

Q: Need help finding a good POS system?

We need help finding a good POS system for our stores that will integrate easily with our inventory and e-commerce. We have spent a small fortune on a store system that doesn't work. The price of starting over is staggering. Any suggestions?

Asked by: Guy Moore

A: Store systems shouldn’t be this hard!

Store systems shouldn’t be this hard!  And I would think a lot before I bailed out on what appears to be a significant investment.  Why can’t it be fixed?  At the end of the day POS, like all software systems, are a simple matter of programming.  If your provider or developers didn’t deliver what you expected I would first try to understand why it doesn’t work.  Usually business software failures are the result of the business and the systems people failing to collaborate and communicate.   Your instincts are right:  POS interfacing with inventory and eCommerce.  That is a great cross-channel approach.   I would find someone you trust to evaluate fixing your current software before investing in new software.  That failing, there are different approaches to addressing cross-channel business requirements.  First, there are a lot of great POS systems on the market.  But you can also achieve cross-channel capability via interfacing POS to your Order Management System (after all, a POS transaction is really just another order).  To sift through the different approaches you may want to find someone who can help you select and implement the right platform or solution.

Tim Toews

Senior Consultant, FItForCommerce

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