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The 2015 China 500 data is solely presented in a powerful online database version: Top500Guide.com. Priced at only $289 for a one-year, single-user subscription, the Top500Guide.com database allows users to instantly rank and compare any selection of the profiled e-retailers or any category of online merchants by scores of different metrics, such as conversion rate, sales growth, average ticket, number of online SKUs, and many more—and present that data as they please.

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• Searchable index of top e-commerce executive and vendor names

$289 for a 1-year, single-user license—multiple user/year discounts are also available.

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How fast the top 10 Chinese e-retailers grew sales in 2014


How fast Gap Inc. grew its web sales in China in 2014

361 M

There are 361 million online shoppers in China


The percentage e-commerce represents of total retail sales in China

Key Features

  • Sales Figures2014 sales of the 500 largest e-retailers in China

  • Thorough AnalysisEach retailer's key financial, operations, web site services and other metrics

  • Industry Contacts841 e-commerce executive names

  • Social MediaTop 50 by followers of Sina Weibo, China’s top social network

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