Premier Edition | Released July 2016

Amazon Prime Day 2016

Winners, Losers and How to Prepare for 2017

A Report on Amazon Prime Day 2016

  • Amazon and marketplace sellers sales
  • Website traffic of Amazon & top competitors
  • Email marketing examples for Amazon and rivals
  • Exclusive consumer survey on Prime Day
  • Social sentiment data
2016 Amazon Prime Day Report, Devices
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Prime time now includes summertime

Amazon wrote the rules of the Prime Day game. Now it’s up to everyone else to figure out how to compete next year.

Amazon has made clear there will be a Prime Day III next summer. And why wouldn't it, after selling more than $2 billion in merchandise on an otherwise sleepy Tuesday in mid-July.

To compete with Amazon Prime Day, e-retailers need the facts—and that's what's in this report. You'll find data on Prime Day sales lift and website traffic for Amazon and major rivals, how marketplace sellers fared, the depth of discounts offered, social sentiment, website and mobile site load times, and an analysis of the emails Amazon and several rivals send around Prime Day. It also includes the results of an Internet Retailer survey of consumers the day after Prime Day—results that won't give much comfort to Amazon's rivals.

And to give competitors a head start on thinking out 2017 strategy, the report concludes with advice from leading industry executives on how to compete with Amazon during the next Prime Day.

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What you get

  • Prime Day sales estimates for Amazon and marketplace sellers
  • Website traffic data for Amazon and key rivals
  • How consumers shopped on Prime Day: exclusive survey
  • Examples of Prime Day email marketing of Amazon and key rivals
  • Detailed news coverage of run-up to Prime Day and post-sale analysis
  • The strategies of Amazon marketplace sellers
  • Comparison of social media sentiment on Prime Day 2016 vs. 2015
  • Comparisons of Amazon's Prime Day discounts versus those of competitors

Take Echo off your shelves: Selling Echo is short-term gain for long-term pain.

-– Jenn Markey, vice president of marketing, 360pi


Amazon Prime Day 2016: Winners, Losers and How to Prepare for 2017

This 42-page report is a downloadable PDF that provides comprehensive data, analysis and news of Prime Day 2016. It includes coverage from Amazon's announcement of the second Prime Day sale on June 30, through the July 12 event and follow-up reporting and commentary.

It looks at how Amazon used Prime Day to promote Amazon Prime, and how major rivals and marketplace sellers responded. Included are examples of email marketing from Amazon and competitors, an exclusive survey of how consumers shopped on Prime Day and data on website traffic, pricing, social sentiment and website performance.

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