July 16, 2014, 12:18 PM

In mobile commerce, boys like sports and girls like clothes

The Internet Retailer-exclusive Shopgate Mobile Commerce Index this month examines the kinds of products men and women buy on mobile devices, and the type of mobile devices they use.

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Talk about reinforcing stereotypes. Men using smartphones and tablets to purchase goods most often buy sporting goods and women using mobile devices to shop most often buy apparel and accessories, according to the Internet Retailer-exclusive Shopgate Mobile Commerce Index.

But men and women do buy many other things when shopping on mobile devices. Both sexes buy furniture, pet supplies, groceries and toys, according to the index. The index looks monthly at mobile commerce platform provider Shopgate Inc.’s 5,500 retailer clients worldwide. Shopgate builds m-commerce sites for smartphones, tablet-optimized shopping sites, and smartphone and tablet m-commerce apps, and is measuring m-commerce activity at its thousands of clients exclusively for Internet Retailer.

Following are the top 10 mobile commerce product categories for men and the percentage of total mobile purchases made by men in June 2014, according to the index:

  • Sporting Goods, 24.5%
  • Apparel and Accessories, 17.2%
  • Furniture, 11.8%
  • Computers and Electronics, 11.6%
  • Books/Music/Games, 6.0%
  • Health and Beauty, 5.9%
  • Automotive Equipment, 5.1%
  • Groceries, 4.9%
  • Pet Supplies, 4.2%
  • Toys/Kids/Baby, 1.4%
  • Office Supplies, 1.0%

Following are the top 10 mobile commerce product categories for women and the percentage of total mobile purchases made by women in June 2014, according to the index:

  • Apparel and Accessories, 28.7%
  • Health & Beauty, 14.1%
  • Sporting Goods, 12.5%
  • Furniture, 10.3%
  • Pet Supplies, 7.3%
  • Groceries, 5.7%
  • Computers and Electronics, 5.0%
  • Books/Music/Games, 4.0%
  • Toys/Kids/Baby, 3.4%
  • Automotive Equipment, 1.7%

Shopgate also found that when it comes to the types of mobile devices men use, mobile commerce orders placed by men in June 2014 were evenly split between Apple iOS and Android. For women, the split was 53% Android and 47% Apple iOS.

And first-time mobile buyers accounted for 87% of mobile orders placed in June 2014 while returning mobile buyers accounted for only 13% of mobile orders, the index finds.

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