June 3, 2014, 1:23 PM

Insite Software and Sitecore offer a new way to manage content on B2B e-commerce sites

The two companies seek to more tightly integrate e-commerce technology with web content management systems, putting them in a better position to compete against companies like hybris, Intershop and Adobe.

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Traditionally operating as strangers in separate technology silos, web content management systems haven’t always jived well with e-commerce platforms. “One challenge for content management systems is to figure out how to play nice with e-commerce providers,” says Brian Strojny, executive vice president and co-founder of Insite Software, which specializes in providing e-commerce technology to business-to-business companies.

Insite is moving to address that issue this week by teaming up with web content management company Sitecore. They aim to show just how well the two technologies can work well together for the benefit of manufacturers and distributors that need to deploy e-commerce sites with content that is both appealing and useful to customers, Strojny says.

Insite and Sitecore have worked together previously to let client companies more quickly build and deploy web sites on the Insite e-commerce platform, using tools from within the Sitecore content management system, Strojny says. With this week’s announcement, such projects now can use a new library of web page templates that Insite designed specifically for developing web pages through the latest version of Sitecore’s Digital Marketing System.

The new integration between Sitecore and Insite enables clients to build through a single administrative interface web sites in less than half the time of other technology systems with less additional integration work to link web content management and e-commerce technology, Strojny says.

Peter Sheldon, vice president and principal e-business technology analyst with Forrester Research Inc., says he has been briefed on the Insite/Sitecore integration but has not seen a demo of it and can’t comment on how quickly users would be able to deploy web sites.

Nonetheless, Sheldon says the new integration between Insite and Sitecore sets up the two companies to better compete against other pairings of web content management and e-commerce systems from e-commerce technology providers like hybris software and Intershop, each of which has integrated their platforms with the web content management system from Adobe Systems Inc.

“We see a lot of momentum in terms of the convergence between   the leading content management system vendors and the leading e-commerce platforms,” Sheldon says.

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