May 30, 2014, 9:56 AM

Cross-device marketing keeps Brilliant Earth a cut above the rest

The online jeweler uses AdRoll to target consumers on multiple sites across mobile devices and personal computers.

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An engagement ring is not usually an impulse buy. Consumers do a lot of research, often across multiple devices, before purchasing. Brilliant Earth, an online retailer of ethically sourced diamonds, wants to reach consumers on each device they use throughout the day.

To accomplish that, the company created an advertising campaign with AdRoll that ran ads on the web and such social media networks as Facebook and Twitter. What’s more, the campaign identifies a consumer whether she is using a tablet, smartphone or personal computer.  AdRoll employs deterministic identification, the use of device IDs—such as computer serial numbers or the iPhone’s Unique Device Identifier—to track users across devices.

The AdRoll mobile retargeting tool shows consumers ads based on what items they have viewed on Brilliant Earth’s web site. For example, a consumer that viewed an 18-karat white gold Halo diamond ring on on a smartphone might see an ad featuring that very ring pop up on Facebook on a PC.

“With our customers across multiple screens throughout their days, AdRoll allows us to connect with them regardless of the device or platform they’re using,” says Kristina Simonsen, marketing associate at Brilliant Earth.

AdRoll partners with Facebook and Twitter to use the networks’ targeting tools, called Custom Audiences and Tailored Audiences, respectively. Those tools allow AdRoll and its clients access to consumers on mobile devices.

“Combining these solutions with real-time bidding across exchanges including Google's Ad Exchange and Facebook Exchange, AdRoll allows advertisers to re-engage users no matter what device they're using, all while protecting user privacy,” says Adam Berke, president and chief marketing officer of AdRoll.

.Overall, Brilliant Earth experienced a bump in click-through rates and a decrease in cost-per-click for its advertising campaigns using AdRoll. “We’re impressed by the performance of AdRoll’s Mobile Retargeting product,” says Simonsen. “We’re seeing single-digit click-through-rates. It’s provided additional incremental traffic and conversions to our mobile site.”

Brilliant Earth’s cost-per-click is 50% below its target, and its click-through rate is over 1.0%—significantly higher than the 0.2% average click-through rate as reported by Google’s DoubleClick Display Benchmarks.

The AdRoll tool also allows Brilliant Earth to measure the success of each campaign on each device. Brilliant Earth set up campaigns on Android tablets, iPhones, iPads and Android phones. Brilliant Earth saw more success on Apple devices than Android devices: 223% more ads were displayed on Apple versus Android products and 300% more ads were displayed on iPhones versus Android phones. The cost-per-click was also 20% more efficient on iPhones versus Android phones, Brilliant Earth says.

AdRoll is one of several approved vendors allowed to use targeted ads on Twitter’s advertising platform, which it launched in December 2013.

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