May 6, 2014, 10:47 AM

Facebook makes it easier for brands to track video viewing

Video owners will be able to better determine who is watching videos, and how long they spending watching them.

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Facebook's new video metrics

Facebook Inc. will add metrics enabling retailers and brands to better determine how consumers view videos uploaded to the social network.

In a blog post this week, Facebook—which recently launched a mobile ad network­—says the new metrics will apply to both paid and “organic videos uploaded directly to Facebook Pages and will roll out gradually over the coming weeks.” The metrics are not available for videos shared on the social network, such as videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

Facebook says users who employ video on the social network now see the number of people watching such content. The new metrics will include:

• Total number of “video views”—that is, a view of three seconds or more for all videos, “including those that come to life as people scroll through News Feed.” The news feed is the first thing consumers see upon visiting Facebook.

• An “audience retention graph” that shows how many consumers watch different parts of each video. “Spikes in the percentage of views at a certain point may indicate that people are re-watching particular moments,” Facebook says, “whereas a dip could show the precise moment when most people lost interest and stopped watching.” Such data can help retailers and others determine “where to place key messages” and which parts of the videos are resonating with viewers.

• A “data breakdowns” feature that tells video owners how certain demographics respond to the content—for instance, females between the ages of 18 and 34.

About two months ago, Facebook announced a redesign of its news feed meant to bring the look of the social network’s mobile news feed to desktop users to make Facebook’s look consistent across desktop and mobile devices.

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