March 20, 2014, 11:42 AM

A personalization tool boosts web retailers’ sales 21% in 2013

Certona’s Resonance Platform begins working after retailers place one line of code into their web pages. It segments new customers based on their site activities and optimizes the content displayed to them accordingly.

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Technology provider Certona says it boosted year-over-year sales for 550 retailers and brands by 21% in 2013 with its Resonance Platform for web and mobile personalizations. Over the five-day shopping holiday from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday 2013, clients had a 27% year-over-year increase in sales from using the technology, the vendor says.

The Certona Resonance Platform analyzes a consumer’s web site activity and, after she’s made three to five clicks, it classifies her into one of the retailer’s customer segments. For instance, a retailer might group customers that are interested in (clicking on) high-ticket items together, or those that appear closer to buying, for instance because they are adding items to the cart right away. Then it automatically adjusts the content, offers and product recommendations that appear to her per the rules the retailer has set for that group of customers. In addition to web and mobile site displays, the technology can personalize e-mails, contact center interactions and in-store digital offers, Certona says.

“This automatic and continuous learning about their web, mobile and in-store visitors enables retailers to predict behavior so they can anticipate consumer interests and deliver a 1:1 individualized experience,” says Geoffrey Hueter, Certona’s co-founder and chief technology officer.

Business and technology consultant Susan Aldrich, principal at her eponymous firm, says in a blog post about the Resonance Platform that Certona focuses on three high-priority areas for retailers in its technology: Automation, providing a “broad range of methods for selecting content to allow marketer control when needed,” and live analysis “to quickly profile a visitor and start personalizing the interaction” right away.

“The Resonance Personalization Platform addresses segmentation, demand optimization and in-store integration,” Aldrich writes, continuing that, as a result, “It eliminates the requirement for a handful (at least) of separate tools.”

Retailers need only insert one line of code into their web pages for the tool to begin collecting data on visitors and adjusting the display in response, Certona says. The Resonance Platform is a software-as-a-service, or web-based, tool.

68 retailers in the 2013 Top 500 Guide and 15 in the Second 500 report using Certona for personalization. Certona is one of the fastest-growing vendors in the Top Tech 2014.


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