February 4, 2014, 11:45 AM

Intershop focuses on B2B features in the latest release of its e-commerce platform

Version 7.4 adds features like more personalized web content and contract pricing in an online storefront that can be integrated with a multichannel online and offline selling environment, Intershop says. Its “robust functionality can support a large-scale complex B2B environment,” Forrester Research analyst Peter Sheldon says.

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With its release last week of Intershop 7.4, its latest e-commerce platform, Gernany-based Intershop Communications AG has launched a more comprehensive technology platform for companies conducting business-to-business e-commerce.

Peter Sheldon, vice president and e-commerce technology analyst at Forrester Research Inc., describes the latest version of Intershop as “a mature B2B platform, with rich and robust functionality that can support a large-scale, complex B2B environment.”

He adds that Intershop’s announcement of version 7.4 is significant in that the company says it completes the migration of B2B functionality from the vendor’s old Enfinity Suite.

Version 7.4, Intershop director of marketing Margaret Rea says, was designed to blend B2B functionality with a shopper-friendly front-end online storefront. “We provide a range of extended B2B functionalities, reflecting the customized contracts between merchants and their multiple B2B customers directly in the storefront,” she says. For example, she adds, companies deploying version 7.4 “can assign individual price lists and tailored product assortments, maintain and display negotiated discounts and customized catalogs for every customer.”

The upgrade to version 7.4 includes new web site features and functionality for business-to-consumer as well as B2B e-commerce sites, the company says. An improved web content management system, for example, is designed to let web site managers develop and preview content for web pages and online marketing campaigns before going live with new content.

For B2B e-commerce sites, version 7.4 is designed to give web site operators more control over assigning individualized pricing and product displays to each customer based on the customer’s purchasing contract terms.

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