January 13, 2014, 4:10 PM

Car shoppers now kick tires via the web

A new report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau says automotive shoppers are more likely to own smartphones and tablets and research products online regularly than are other shoppers. Consumers planning to buy cars are more likely to respond to digital marketing than are other shoppers.

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Consumers planning to buy a car are more likely to be influenced by digital marketing than other shoppers, according to a new report entitled “Digital Influence on Auto Intenders” from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Prosper Insights. 

The report says that consumers planning to buy a car in the next six months are almost twice as likely to be swayed by auto-focused digital marketing as the general population.  It also says that automotive shoppers are 71% more likely to be influenced by digital advertising across multiple retail categories than the average consumer.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau, a trade group, also says that consumers who plan to buy cars, referred to as “auto intenders” in the study, are 21% more likely to own a smartphone than the general public and 9% more likely to own a tablet.  These consumers also regularly research products online.  The report says that 58% of auto intenders regularly research purchases online while only 42% of other consumers do so.  The report says that’s mainly because consumers shopping for cars are generally younger than other shoppers. The report says that nearly half of auto intenders surveyed (49%) are under the age of 35.

“Automotive has consistently been a top sector when it comes to interactive advertising spending in the U.S. and this report points to the reasons why,” says Sherrill Mane, senior vice president of research, analytics and measurement at the Interactive Advertising Bureau. “It is critical to leverage the always-on nature of digital media because of the central role it plays in auto intenders’ lives.”  

The study also shows that 86% of automobile shoppers regularly search online when shopping for automobiles and 20% say they are influenced by sponsored links or results compared to 10% of the general population.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau analyzed data from two studies from Prosper Insights, which provides statistics and information services: the Prosper Insights and Analytics Monthly Consumer Study from November 2013, which polled 6,201 consumers via an online survey, and the Media Behaviors and Influence Study, which polled 19,774 consumers online during the month of January 2013.



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