December 19, 2013, 10:22 AM

Apathetic about mobile? You’re in for a rude awakening

That’s what a comScore analyst says based on the web measurement firm’s latest data, which shows 57% of all online retail visitors use mobile devices to shop. Mobile sales will continue to grow, comScore says.

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57% of all online retail visitors in October 2013 used a smartphone or tablet to shop, according to the latest research from web measurement firm comScore Inc. 87% used a desktop computer and 44% used both a mobile device and a desktop, comScore finds.

By comparison, 61% of all individuals who used the Internet for any purpose in October used a mobile device, 93% used a desktop computer, and 54% used both a mobile device and a desktop, comScore says.

But while desktops significantly lead mobile devices in unique monthly visitors, mobile has an edge in the amount of time users spend with online retail. 51% of total time spent with online retail in October 2013 occurred on a smartphone or a tablet; 49% occurred on a desktop, comScore finds.

By comparison, 50% of time spent on the Internet overall in October occurred on a mobile device and 50% on a desktop, comScore says.

“Although the number of mobile Internet users still lags the total number of desktop Internet users by a wide margin, mobile Internet users are spending a greater amount of time on those devices, making mobile now account for half of all digital media time spent,” says Andrew Lipsman, vice president of marketing and insights at comScore.

And, significantly, more than half of online shopping, at least based on time on retail sites, now happens on mobile devices, highlighting just how important mobile commerce should be to retailers, Lipsman says.

“At the same time, because only 11% of digital dollars are currently spent via mobile devices, many retailers may be underestimating just how significant mobile commerce has become,” Lipsman says. “We tend to see dollars close the gap with eyeballs over time, so retailers who do not figure out their mobile marketing and monetization strategies today may have a very rude awakening in the next couple of years.”

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