December 11, 2013, 1:24 PM

A new mobile and web tool helps eBay sellers more easily create listings

WorldLister speedily generates product listings—no typing necessary.

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A screenshot of WorldLister's automobile-listing tool.

For sellers on the eBay Inc. marketplace, creating listings for items can be a tedious process. WorldLister is a new mobile and web tool that helps eBay sellers generate product listings from a smartphone, tablet or PC without typing in any information. Compared with entering product information and writing a description manually, WorldLister generates an eBay product listing 85% faster, WorldLister says.

A seller on a mobile device accesses the mobile-optimized site and scans a product’s bar code via his device’s camera, while a seller on a PC scans bar codes with his webcam. WorldLister pulls up general information about the product from the bar code linking to its own database of product  information. The seller then taps or clicks to answer a series of additional questions, such as at what quantity or price he’d like to list a product. He also can integrate into the product listing a YouTube video through the WorldLister site. The tool then generates the full listing, including a title, layout and description. offers live chat to help sellers.

Soon the tool will enable merchants to upload their entire product catalogs and generate multiple listings at once, a spokeswoman for the company says. For now, sellers can use WorldLister on a larger scale only to edit their listings in bulk, for example, to delete or relist a group of items. The tool also offers listing generators designed specifically for automobiles and clothing. These features include questions that match the filtering criteria for those items in eBay’s navigation, such as make and model or size and materials.

Matt Becker is an independent seller on eBay who has been testing WorldLister for almost a month. In that time, he says he’s been able to use the tool in his iPhone Safari web browser to list up to 144 items in one week on the e-marketplace. That’s because the time it takes him to list items has dropped from about 15 to 20 minutes per item to less than five minutes per item, he says. He’s also sold all the items he’s listed so far—which he attributes to the technology helping him create more comprehensive product listings that include images and video, which help ensure they appear high in eBay searches, he says.

“WorldLister has allowed me to compete with the top sellers on eBay that normally I wouldn’t be able to match,” Becker says, adding that his items usually appear within the first five search results. For each item, he includes images he takes through the mobile web site, rather than having to take photos and upload them in a separate process, he says. He also searches in another browser tab for YouTube videos relevant to the items he’s selling, for instance, a video demonstrating “how to wear men’s jeans” to go with the listing for a pair of jeans, then copies and pastes the video link into WorldLister. Both images and videos help improve a listing’s position in search results, he says.

WorldLister is free to use—the spokeswoman says the company’s first goal is to generate a large user base, then monetize similar to the models used by viral social sharing startups Snapchat and Instagram, though she doesn’t offer specifics. “We believe the success of WorldLister will organically evolve from the value it provides to its users, like other companies with zero earnings today,” she says.

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