October 15, 2013, 12:27 PM

Trilibis Accelerates One Web Development By Making Websites Device-Aware

New server-side responsive design technology called SNOW enables developers to easily create high-performance, device-aware websites without writing a single line of device detection and classification code. SNOW reduces page-load times and optimizes presentation of Web content on all mobile devices

SAN MATEO, Calif.—October 15, 2013: Trilibis, the leader in One Web development, aims to accelerate the development of device-aware websites with the launch of SNOW (Software eNabling One Web), a new generation of HTML5-compliant server-side software that lets developers build websites that automatically optimize for any mobile device or browser. Websites developed with SNOW are founded on a single codebase, promote proper URL structure by not requiring “m-dot” domains, automatically adjust their layout and user experience to different devices, and optimize load times for today’s bandwidth-constrained smartphones and tablets.

“Companies want to develop a One Web experience for their online brand presence, but creating single-codebase websites that automatically optimize for today’s multi- device world can require significant—and costly—customization,” said Ted Verani, SVP of sales and marketing at Trilibis. “SNOW enables Web developers to build device-aware websites that load fast and deliver an excellent Web experience for every visitor, no matter what handset or tablet they are using.”

SNOW offers significant improvements over responsive design techniques

Responsive design has taken off as a means to a One Web experience. However, this approach employs a client-side design methodology that only partially addresses the need to deliver an excellent experience for all devices. Further, responsive design does not provide for optimization of websites so they can take advantage of the capabilities of the latest tablets. And, because responsive design relies on the browser to optimize a Web page for the device, it frequently results in longer page-load times — a major concern for operators of e-commerce websites.

SNOW delivers the benefits of responsive design across all devices — but also delivers excellent page-load performance by moving device optimization to the Web server. To enable device-specific experiences and content, developers simply add HTML5-compliant SNOW tags to a website’s HTML, CSS or UI template code. These tags specify if and how content, HTML code blocks, and styling should be displayed on a given device, OS, or browser. When a desktop or mobile browser requests a Web page, the SNOW-powered Web server post-processes the HTML and CSS code according to these device-designating tags, serving only the code appropriate for the requesting device, thereby decreasing the payload sent to the target browser and improving performance. Developers are also able to control site features and layout to deliver a differentiated experience for mobile users.

What Web architects are saying about SNOW

SNOW was recently used to fast-track a mission-critical website for Latin American TV channel BBC Entertainment1. David Hanono, digital business development director for BBC Worldwide Latin America & U.S. Hispanic, led the project to deploy a One Web solution so that viewers of the popular British TV show Top Gear, on its original UK version, were able to participate in a trivia contest, watch exclusive videos, and connect with the show’s social media platforms; all in relation to the promotion of the launch of Top Gear Week Special and Top Gear’s 20th season2. “We commissioned to Trilibis the development of a web solution for Concurso Top Gear Week3 (Top Gear Week Contest) during the month of August 2013. The objective was to deliver a multi-device web solution, which was made available for desktop browsers, smart phones and tablets,” said Hanono. “It was achieved in record three-week time, which enabled us to commit to a fast turnaround to market with the confidence of knowing that our viewers would be able to enhance their viewing experience, and certainly enjoy their participation through multiple devices.”

When Chicago-based Rewards Network needed to ensure an optimum experience for mobile visitors to its iDine.com website, it turned to SNOW. The new SNOW-powered website automatically detects which type of tablet or smartphone is being used to access the site, and delivers the optimum layout for that device. “The launch of SNOW has had a substantial impact on visitor engagement,” said Kara Walsh, chief marketing officer at Rewards Network. “We quickly saw our bounce rate drop by more than 50 percent, and a resulting uplift in member enrollment.”

Key SNOW benefits

  • Accelerates multi-device development across PC, tablet and mobile—all from a single codebase.
  • Delivers a faster page-load time and better browser performance than classic responsive design techniques.
  • Leverages existing Web assets, code and backend integration points to shorten the time to market for any website.
  • Additional server-side intelligence gives developers the ability to fine-tune the user experience by adjusting features, content or layout for specific devices.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other Web development tools, open-source libraries and responsive design techniques to enable the best possible implementation of a One Web design.

To learn more about coding with SNOW, visit the Code With Snow website or download the white paper.

About Trilibis

Trilibis develops server-side responsive design technology for businesses, brands and web development firms need a true “One Web” website architecture. SNOW, the company’s core product, makes websites device-aware and enables developers to design high-performance websites that work perfectly on all desktop and mobile browsers, and unlock device-specific features and functionality that make websites mobile-ready, delightful and profitable. Trilibis is a private, venture-backed company located in San Mateo, California. For more information, visit www.trilibis.com or follow @trilibis.

1 About BBC Entertainment Latin America

BBC Entertainment is a pay TV channel distributed to more than 17 countries in Latin America. It is a witty, edgy and original alternative, that pushes boundaries with a variety of high quality content including dramas, comedies, reality, sci-fi, lifestyle and movies, offering an out of the ordinary experience.

2 About Top Gear Season 20

The 20th series of the world's most popular car show, Top Gear, sees Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May on typically explosive form. In the course of six packed programmes, they set out to race a car against an America’s Cup yacht up the coast of New Zealand, launch a highly scientific process to find the world's fastest taxi, and do their bit for European economic turmoil by blasting across Spain in three ‘affordable’ supercars. Also in this series, Top Gear tackles the growing problem of flooding by designing a car that can turn into a hovercraft, investigates the popularity of ‘soft-roader’ cars by making the presenters into caravan enthusiasts, and tests the Jaguar F-type, the Range Rover Sport and the new double decker Bus For London as part of an epic celebration of the many brilliant machines currently made in Britain.

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