October 10, 2013, 12:39 PM

Fraud prevention vendor ReD gets a security data boost

Adding WhitePages Pro speeds the time to clear good transactions.

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Fraud prevention and payment services vendor ReD today announced its ReD Shield transactions screening tool now connects clients to WhitePages Pro, which verifies U.S. consumer identities using their addresses and phone numbers. The additional service will help retailers to review and accept non-fraudulent transactions 12% to 28% faster than before, a WhitePages spokeswoman says.

“Our mission at ReD is to provide our customers with the most powerful solutions to protect against fraud and more efficiently process payments; WhitePages Pro helps merchants do both,” says Jackie Barwell, head of products at ReD. “Our partnership with WhitePages Pro enables our merchant customers to approve more transactions with a greater level of confidence.”

WhitePages Pro is the business-to-business online database service from WhitePages.com, which consumers can use to look up personal and business contact information; it is not affiliated with the similarly named phone books.

While ReD, analyzes data such as a consumer’s web site behavior and order history, screening for suspicious activity to flag the transaction as fraudulent, WhitePages Pro verifies a consumer’s contact information, the WhitePages spokeswoman says. It does so by matching the name, address, age and names of household members to a customer’s mobile and land lines, a spokeswoman says. The company has 300 million such records in its database, she adds.
WhitePages Pro, which is located on the web at Pro.WhitePages.com, also has information to verify whether a phone transmission is being routed over the Internet—and potentially suspicious—and if a physical address is vacant or under construction. “Shippers need to know that in case it’s a drop site for organized crime rings,” says Tom Donlea, WhitePages’ director of risk management. Criminals sometimes place orders with stolen credit cards for delivery to abandoned houses, then pick up and resell the goods.

Part of the way WhitePages Pro helps speed the overall fraud-screening process is by reducing the number of transactions that a retailer must manually review, by up to 20%, the company says. And when a retailer does review a transaction—which usually requires a phone call to the customer asking her to verify her identity—calls shorten by 30 seconds on average because of the information the retailer already has in the Pro database, WhitePages says.

“Many merchants spend more time reviewing legitimate orders than fraudulent ones,” says Alex Algard, CEO of WhitePages. “Our identity score product is designed to help merchants quickly validate consumer contact information, so that they can speed up orders and hit their revenue goals quicker.”

WhitePages has a similar arrangement with fraud prevention vendor Accertify Inc.

The cost to use WhitePages Pro runs from $19.95 per month to $999.95 per month, based on the numbers of users and record checks. 

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