October 7, 2013, 9:50 AM

Contact Solutions Announces the Launch of My:Time Mobile Customer Care Solution

Inventing Customer Service to meet the needs of a New Generation of Mobile Consumers

Reston, Va. – October 7, 2013 – To address the needs of mobile consumers who are increasingly frustrated with customer service that puts their lives on hold, Contact Solutions, a leading provider of cloud-based customer self-service solutions, today launched My:Time, the first mobility solution that delivers customer care at the convenience of the customer. 

My:Time is a patent-pending mobile care solution for the enterprise that places the customer fully in control of customer service interactions. The My:Time mobile customer care solution includes a cloud-based mobile platform, agent desktop portal, and mobile apps for iOS and Android. My:Time allows consumers to start a customer service interaction, stop if they get interrupted, and resume at their convenience, eliminating the frustrations of waiting on hold, having to start over, and needing to stay engaged for the entire service interaction. My:Time also supports a seamless transition between self-service and contact center agents without having to leave the app, re-authenticate or repeat personal information.

“Mass adoption of mobile has changed consumer behavior and expectations.  Businesses strive to offer richer and more personal customer care, but simply adding a mobile app with a phone number as another path into the contact center doesn’t improve overall customer experience,” said Michael Boustridge, CEO of Contact Solutions. “My:Time puts the customer in control of the interaction and allows them to connect seamlessly to a contact center when, where and how they want.  It leverages the mobile device to meet these consumer demands while driving down expensive operations and telecom costs for the enterprise. ”

Robert Saurer, Director of Customer Experience and Innovation at The Boston Globe said, “My:Time provides Boston Globe customers with a time-saving, convenient way to interact with our organization, while helping our agents with actionable data from across channels. We have not seen a comparable product on the market.”

Pradeep Moudgal, Director, Emerging Technologies Advisory Service at Mercator, said “My:Time addresses a big gap in mobile engagement that smartphone apps are missing today.  The ability to support a seamless transition from self-service app to live agent and the ability to start, stop, and resume interactions at the convenience of the customer can significantly improve mobile banking as well as mobile care in other consumer-facing industries such as healthcare, retail, and travel.”

According to a recent Contact Solutions survey on mobile users and customer care, 92 percent of consumers want more mobile customer service options. In conjunction with a reliance on mobile is a demographic and cultural shift toward customer self-service. Customers want help on the go, and they want to help themselves. To view the entire survey please visit http://bit.ly/mobile-care-survey


Visit www.MyTimeMobile.com to view a new video and experience customer-driven customer service.  For additional information on My:Time, as well as other Contact Solutions offerings, please visit us atwww.contactsolutions.com.

My:Time is a trademark of Contact Solutions.  Android is a trademark of Google.

About Contact Solutions
Contact Solutions invents real customer service.  Our voice and mobility customer self-service solutions reduce enterprise costs while increasing customer engagement by enhancing their experience.  Our innovative Business Intelligence solutions provide enterprises access to real-time business intelligence and data analytics delivered to provide insight and superior value. Guaranteed.

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