October 3, 2013, 11:29 AM

Stress Free Marketing Platform Set To Change Mobile Marketing Campaigning

Mobile Marketing and Affiliation company Madvert launches the Beta version of their new mobile software platform which  is set to change the way marketers manage their mobile marketing campaigns. The unique Platform allows users to produce a harmonised, integrated and successful mobile marketing strategy all in the one place and using one centralised wallet, helping them to embrace the mobile revolution.

The Platform provides an integrated suite of mobile software solutions to help businesses generate and convert mobile traffic. The free­‐to-­use Platform allows users to build high converting mobile sites and landing pages, split-­test different variations in real time and redirect mobile visitors to a site optimised for any internet enabled mobile device.    

Users can also set up CPC, CPM, CPA and Revenue Share Advertising campaigns, access mobile-­ready affiliate offers to promote, schedule SMS broadcasts, and analyse campaign performance and results with detailed  analytics. The all­‐in­‐one self-serve platform offers users a simple yet  comprehensive route to mobile campaigning even if they are not mobile marketing or tech specialists.    

COO Ricky Mitchell, Said: “More and more people are now using a mobile device as their main source for Internet access. It is important that companies start to seriously focus on mobile as a key part of their marketing mix.”   

He  continued: “Most businesses know which tools they need to deliver a successful online campaign but many are still left in the dark when it comes to marketing on mobile. Madvert offers all the tools needed in the one place.”   

Madvert is at the forefront of the mobile marketing sphere, helping companies embrace the mobile revolution without the inconvenience and expense of contracting with multiple software providers or outsourcing the entire process.      

For more information and to sign up visit madvert.com.
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