September 17, 2013, 1:26 PM

Will Apple’s new iOS 7 wreak havoc with mobile apps?

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It’s important to note that API changes are not the only causes of crashes in the uTest testing, Johnston says. Other factors that contribute to app crashes include memory management, Internet connectivity and code conflicts.

Some retailers in mobile commerce have been preparing extensively for the iOS 7 launch. At web-only apparel retailer, where 50% of total sales are mobile and the majority of mobile sales come through its iPhone app, technology staff members are confident their iOS app is ready for the change in platforms. They began preparations by attending this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June, where iOS 7 was unveiled.

“We started testing against early betas of iOS 7 literally during lunch breaks at WWDC to identify any major concerns early on,” says Annie Trombatore, director of product development at “Luckily our apps don’t have any of the major structural bugs I’ve seen present in other apps as I started using iOS 7 beta on my personal phone. We’re lucky in that we’ve kept our apps clean and simple, so a lot of the gesture confusion being spoken to doesn’t really apply to us. The very minor, stylistic bugs are something we’ve already been able to remedy ahead of the launch, for the most part. That being said, the new features that iOS 7 brings natively are definitely something we’re super thrilled about. While we’ve ensured that our apps are stable and relatively bug-free prior to the launch, we’re excitedly gearing up to make more drastic changes to the apps to embrace these new standards and cleaner design language.&rdquo

Johnston says uTest has made requests for iOS 7 app testing by existing and new clients its top priority. He declines to reveal the cost of testing.

Apple’s App Store boasts 900,000 apps, the company reports. Apple adds there have been 50 billion app downloads since the App Store opened in 2008.

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