July 9, 2013, 11:41 AM

Factual Launches Location Data-Driven Products for Mobile App Personalization and Advertising Markets

Partners with MoPub and Turn for Launch of New Geopulse Audience and Geopulse Proximity Services to Enable More Personalized, Contextually Relevant Mobile Experiences

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SAN FRANCISCO--Factual, Inc., a leading location data platform, today announced Geopulse Audience and Geopulse Proximity, new products aimed at the mobile advertising market that enable advertisers, developers and publishers to use location data to deliver more personalized, contextually relevant mobile app and advertising experiences for consumers. The company also announced two new partners that are using the new products today including MoPub, the world’s leading mobile ad exchange and Turn, a cloud marketing platform that provides real-time insights that transform how marketers make decisions.

“At Factual we believe that the future of mobile will be built on location. With our vast amount of location data and our technology stack, it is a natural fit for us to expand our focus to meet the demand in the mobile market from partners to better leverage the location capabilities of mobile devices,” said Gil Elbaz, founder and CEO of Factual. “We are excited to partner with mobile industry leaders MoPub and Turn and look forward to working together to deliver more relevant mobile experiences for advertisers and consumers.”

The new Geopulse Audience product converts time-stamped location data into demographic, behavioral, and geographic user profiles. It is designed for publishers and developers who serve content on a mobile device and would like to personalize their apps and customize their content to create an individual experience. MoPub will be integrating Geopulse Audience profiles into their marketplace, enabling their advertisers and demand-side buyers to target ads based on the demographic, behavioral, and geographic characteristics of mobile users. This will increase the number of eligible buyers for ad space, facilitating better-targeted, higher quality advertising campaigns for their mobile app partners.

According to a case study created by MoPub, during its two week pilot integration of Factual’s Geopulse Audience, Factual identified 7.5B unique data events and categorized over 25M users from nearly 1,000 metro areas into categories like Electronics Buyers, Moviegoers and Healthcare Workers. Factual also estimated household income and identified likely home and work metro areas, along with providing other demographic and geographic attributes. These data segments allow MoPub to increase the value of ad supply that is traded on their exchange. Buyers on MoPub’s exchange can sell new targeting capabilities to their customers and deliver more performance, and publishers increase the value of their ad inventory and improve the relevance of the advertising they display to their users.

“Mobile adoption by advertisers has long been challenged by a lack of reliable demographic and behavioral information that can be used to identify the right audience,” said Jim Payne, founder and CEO of MoPub. “Geopulse Audience is an innovative solution and we’re confident that this will deliver a tremendous amount of value to our publishers and our advertisers.”

The new Geopulse Proximity is a geofencing solution designed to help developers make sense of the massive volume of location data emitted by mobile applications. Geopulse Proximity allows developers to create thousands of geofences with Factual’s global data – generated using business name, chain name, or business category amongst others – and validate massive streams of coordinate data at unprecedented speed. Factual’s new partner Turn will be integrating Geopulse Proximity into their platform, enabling their advertisers to run advertising campaigns against geofences around any set of places in Factual’s Global Places data.

“Hyperlocal targeted mobile advertising performs significantly better than industry average by delivering an ad that is contextually relevant to the consumer,” said Mark Balabanian, Sr. Director Business Development at Turn. “Geopulse Proximity enables us to offer hyperlocal targeted campaigns to our advertisers on a global basis with a flexibility and ease that makes these types of campaigns viable to execute at scale.”

With both products, Factual adheres to the strictest privacy standards. The company only processes data with anonymized IDs, purges the input data regularly, and does not commingle or cross-sell inputs or profiles across partners.

Factual’s location platform manages data on over 65 million small businesses and points of interest in fifty countries, in twenty-five languages. Its flagship Global Places product was designed to help developers create global, location-based applications immediately, without having to build and maintain their own data infrastructures.

About Factual

Factual is a location platform that enables personalized and contextually relevant mobile experiences by enriching mobile location signals with definitive global data. Factual’s real-time data stack builds and maintains data on a global scale, with Factual's core Global Places data covering over 65 million local businesses and points of interest in 50 countries. Factual’s platform also provides location based mobile personalization and ad-targeting solutions along with data cleaning and mapping services for business listings and points of interest. Factual is funded by Andreessen Horowitz and Index Ventures. For more information, go to www.factual.com.



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