June 26, 2013, 10:13 AM

RetailMeNot Launches Digital Coupon Site in Canada

Canadians now have access to thousands of digital coupons from more than 6,000 retailers that do business with Canadians.

AUSTIN, Texas, June 26, 2013 -- RetailMeNot, Inc. (www.retailmenot.com/corp/), the world's leading digital coupon marketplace, today announced its expansion into Canada with the launch of RetailMeNot.ca (www.retailmenot.ca).

Canadians now have access to thousands of digital coupons from more than 6,000 retailers that do business with Canadians.

"This cross-border expansion of the RetailMeNot brand is part of our long-term commitment to become a trusted source of savings for online consumers globally," said Cotter Cunningham, the CEO and founder of RetailMeNot, Inc. "We're excited to enter the Canadian market so we can help millions of shoppers save money using digital coupons available online at RetailMeNot.ca and enable our retail partners in the region to boost their sales."

Canadians should expect continued innovation to help consumers find our best digital coupons and save money while shopping online and eventually in-store. Features of RetailMeNot.ca include:

  • Easy search access to 21,000+ digital coupons from more than 6,000 retailers shipping to Canadian consumers;
  • The functionality to easily toggle back and forth between RetailMeNot.ca (Canada) and RetailMeNot.com (U.S.);
  • The ability to browse for digital coupons by product category, including clothing, electronics, furniture and travel;
  • The opportunity for Canadian consumers to upload digital coupons from retailers that can help others save; and
  • The option to subscribe to the RetailMeNot.ca newsletter, with digital coupon content that rivals any weekly newspaper flyer.

"RetailMeNot.com already has millions of visits from Canadians who trust our site to help them find savings when shopping online," says Josh Harding, the vice president of global operations for RetailMeNot, Inc. "The new RetailMeNot.ca site will enhance these users' experience by focusing exclusively on the needs of the Canadian consumer."

About RetailMeNot.ca

RetailMeNot.com (www.retailmenot.ca) is a new digital coupon site in Canada. Our mission is to help consumers save money and enjoy a hassle-free discount shopping experience with retailers in Canada. RetailMeNot.ca will actively promote digital coupons from thousands of retailers that do business with Canadians. RetailMeNot.ca is operated by RetailMeNot, Inc., the world's leading marketplace for digital coupons.

Make sure to "like" RetailMeNot.ca on Facebook, follow us via Twitter @retailmenotcaand add us on Google+. Consumers can sign up for RetailMeNot.ca's Online Coupons Newsletter by visiting: http://www.retailmenot.ca/signup. 

About RetailMeNot, Inc.

RetailMeNot, Inc. (www.retailmenot.com/corp/) is the world's leading digital coupon marketplace. The company's websites enable consumers across the globe seeking to save money to find hundreds of thousands of digital coupons from retailers. RetailMeNot, Inc. experienced more than 450 million consumer visits to its sites in 2012. The RetailMeNot, Inc. portfolio of coupon and deal websites includes www.RetailMeNot.com, the leading digital coupon site in the United States; www.retailmenot.ca in Canada;www.VoucherCodes.co.uk, the leading digital coupon site in the United Kingdom;www.Deals.com in Germany; www.Actiepagina.nl, a leading digital coupon site in the Netherlands; Bons-de-Reduction.com and www.Poulpeo.com, leading digital coupon and cash back sites in France; and www.Deals2Buy.com, a leading discount offer site in North America. 

Be sure to "like" RetailMeNot, Inc. on Facebook and follow the company via Twitter @retailmenotinc.

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