June 19, 2013, 9:02 AM

Subblime Premieres Social Hub for YouTube Users

Subblime provides a revenue opportunity through affiliate product sales, sponsorships and other product-driven marketing campaigns.

Los Angeles, CA - June 18, 2013: Subblime, a new social hub for YouTube influencers to share and build community around their favorite things, made its public debut today following a period of private beta. Like “Oprah’s Favorite Things,” Subblime allows YouTube influencers to share lists of their favorite items for subscribers to discover and potentially purchase.

By joining Subblime, users are instantly “subbscribed” to their favorite YouTube influencers’ lists and recommendations, where they can then “Fave it” or “Get It.” Subblime’s network of YouTube creators can also provide special deals and giveaways for their subscribers.

“Subblime creates an authentic and actionable relationship between subscriber and creator oriented around products,” said Co-Founder and CEO Adam Winnick. “Fans frequently inquire about YouTube influencers’ favorite things and now Subblime can help facilitate community and commerce around those curiosities. We’re already seeing off the chart click through rates and engagement from our beta testing.”

Well known YouTubers and YouTube companies are already using Subblime as part of a beta test including YouTube MCN, Big Frame, multi-platform video brands, Wonderly, Forefront, DECA’s Kin Community and individual creators such as Elle Walker, Jess Lizama, Leviosaa, 4YallEntertainment and Kristina Horner.

For these creators and brands, Subblime provides a revenue opportunity through affiliate product sales, sponsorships and other product-driven marketing campaigns.

The company was founded by serial entrepreneur and angel investor Adam Winnick, Kevin Stone, and well-known YouTube personality Elle Walker AKA WhatsUpElle. Subblime is headquartered in Los Angeles and has received angel investments from Brian Lee (ShoeDazzle, Honest, LegalZoom), and Jeff Fluhr (Spreecast, StubHub). Subblime is a Fall 2012 graduate of MuckerLab, Los Angeles’s leading start-up accelerator program.  

About Subblime:

Subblime is an online hub for YouTube influencers to connect directly with fans and grow their business through authentic product recommendations. Founded in late 2012 by serial entrepreneur Adam Winnick, Kevin Stone, and well-known YouTuber Elle Walker, AKA What’s Up Elle, Subblime lets consumers discover great products to buy based on the authentic recommendations of their favorite people. Subblime is a place for YouTube influencers to harness their remarkable authenticity to not only provide a valuable service to audiences but also build deeper engagement with their fans. As of its public beta launch in June, Subblime is working with top MCN’s like Big Frame (What’s Up Elle, Jess Lizama) and multiplatform YouTube brands Wonderly (Leviosaa, Kristina Horner) and Forefront (4YallEntertainment), and DECA’s Kin Community (Welcome to Sanditon, Lizzie Bennet Diaries).


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