June 12, 2013, 9:36 AM

Social commerce platform Chirpify moves into payment processing

Previously Chirpify used PayPal to enable in-stream payments.

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Chirpify, a social commerce vendor that lets brands sell directly to consumers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, is moving into payment processing.

To make a purchase using Chirpify, a consumer has to go the vendor’s web site and enter either his credit card, debit card, bank routing information or connect his account to PayPal. After setting up his account he can make a purchase from a retailer using Chirpify by replying to a tweet, or commenting on a Facebook or Instagram post with the words “buy,” “donate” or “gimme.”

The vendor today announced its users can use Chirpify’s payment processing service to accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards, as well as send and accept automated clearing house payments in which consumers directly deduct funds from their bank accounts. Previously it relied on PayPal to accept payments.

The move gives brands more options, says Chirpify CEO Chris Teso.

“Our brands and members want optionality when it comes to paying and payment acceptance," he says. "With direct payment processing we are making the transaction as frictionless as possible for consumers, eliminating the need to connect with another payment platform outside of Chirpify.”

The move into payment processing will also enable Chirpify to offer brands lower fees, Teso says. If retailers can avoid using PayPal to process their transactions they can avoid PayPal's 2.9% transaction fee, a Chirpify spokesman says.

Chirpify, which launched a little more than a year ago, says that it works with dozens of brands, including the Portland Trailblazers, Green Day and Adidas America Inc. Adidas is No. 224 in the Internet Retailer 2013 Top 500 Guide.

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