June 3, 2013, 1:18 PM

Mobile visits, revenue and conversion continue rapid growth in May

Apple decimates Android in m-commerce at 18 Branding Brand clients.

From May 2012 to May 2013, smartphone visits were up 101.9%, page views up 106.5%, orders up 103.7% and revenue up 102.6% for 18 retailer clients of mobile commerce technology vendor Branding Brand. For the same period, tablet visits were up 79.2%, page views up 60.0%, orders up 82.0% and revenue up 100.5%, says the vendor, which reports more than 150 clients. The 18 retailers combined raked in $202.7 million in mobile commerce sales in May 2013.

Mobile visits and revenue as a percentage of total visits and revenue are growing by leaps and bounds. Mobile accounted for 32.63% of all visits to the 18 retailers in May 2013, up from 20.63% in May 2012, Branding Brand reports. Desktop visits accounted for 67.37% in May 2013, down from 79.37% in May 2012. Smartphone visits accounted for 20.38% of visits in May 2013, up from 12.30% in May 2012, while tablet visits grew from 8.33% of visits in May 2012 to 12.25% in May 2013.

Mobile commerce represented 16.98% of total sales in May 2013, up from 11.19% in May 2012, Branding Brand says. Desktop sales accounted for 83.02% of total sales in May 2013, down from 88.81% in May 2012. While smartphones generated far more visits than tablets, tablets generated far more sales than smartphones. Tablet sales accounted for 12.81% of total sales in May 2013, up from 8.46% in May 2012. Smartphone sales accounted for 4.17% of total sales in May 2013, up from 2.73% in May 2012.

The 18 retailers were converting more shoppers into buyers last month. The conversion rate on smartphones was 0.49% in May 2013, up from 0.40% in May 2012, Branding Brand says. The conversion rate on tablets was 1.79% in May 2013, up from 1.68% in May 2012. And the conversion rate on desktops and laptops was 2.26% in May 2013, up from 2.01% in May 2012.

As is the case just about everywhere in mobile retailing, activity through Apple Inc.’s iPhone and iPad mobile devices overwhelmed commerce through Android devices at the 18 Branding Brand retailers. Visits from the iPhone accounted for 71.85% of total smartphone visits in May 2013; Android 25.52% and other smartphones 2.63%, the vendor says. Revenue from iPhone users accounted for 80.06% of total smartphone revenue in May 2013; Android 17.59% and other smartphones 2.35%. Visits from the iPad accounted for 89.75% of tablet visits in May 2013; Android 10.00% and other tablets 0.25%, Branding Brand says. Revenue from iPad users accounted for a whopping 95.05% of total tablet sales in May 2013; Android tablets 4.87% and other tablets 0.08%.

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