May 29, 2013, 10:49 AM

iPhone and iPad have a commanding lead among mobile devices for mobile ads

Runners up in mobile ad impressions don’t even come close, finds Millennial Media.

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While Google Inc.’s Android dominates among mobile operating systems for number of total users, Apple Inc.’s iPhone and iPad are by far the top smartphone and tablet devices for processing the most ad impressions, according to Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix Q1 2013 report.

Millennial Media measures ad impressions by device on its mobile ad network of more than 42,000 mobile apps and mobile sites, which combined register more than 420 million monthly unique users globally, including approximately 160 million monthly unique users in the United States, the company says.

Looking at the first quarter of 2013 by mobile device manufacturer, Apple mobile devices accounted for 36.87% of all ad impressions served through the mobile ad network, Millennial Media says. Rounding out the top five are Samsung with 26.96%, BlackBerry 6.47%, HTC 4.82% and LG 4.52%. Other manufacturers account for the remaining 20.36%.

Gauging Q1 2013 by smartphone, the Apple iPhone has a commanding lead with 20.41% of mobile ad impressions, Millennial Media says. Rounding out the top five are the Samsung Galaxy S with 8.71%, BlackBerry Curve 3.26%, Samsung Galaxy 5 2.30% and LG Optimus 1.89%. Other smartphones accounted for the remaining 63.43%.

Measuring Q1 2013 by tablet, the iPad accounted for 54% of tablet ad impressions while Android tablets had 45% and BlackBerry tablets had 1%, Millennial Media says. Among Android tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab accounted for 35% of Android tablet ad impressions, Inc.’s Kindle Fire 28%, Google Nexus 7 7%, Asus Transformer Pad 4% and all others 26%.

Examining Q1 2013 mobile ad impressions by mobile operating system paints a different picture. Millennial Media’s ad network is serving proportionally more ads to Android and Apple iOS devices, and fewer to BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Following are mobile operating systems, Q1 2103 percentage of mobile ad impressions and Q1 2012 percentage of mobile ad impressions, according to Millennial Media:

  • Android, 52%, 49%
  • Apple iOS, 39%, 33%
  • BlackBerry, 7%, 14%
  • Windows Phone, 1%, 3%
  • Symbian, 1%, 1%
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